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Those Passengers Who Annoy Others

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Cruise Ship Passengers From Hell
Top Three Cruise Ship Passenger Lists

Those Passengers Who Annoy Others


Yahoo Travel: How to make everyone on a cruise hate you.

1. Smoking
2. Hogging deck chairs
3. Cutting in line
4. Barking into your cellphone
5. Not supervising your older kids
6. Not watching your younger kids
7. Being sloppy drunk
Cruise Bruise Add:
8. Jumping overboard - This will annoy those who spend hours circling a spot in the ocean, instead of enjoying a port they missed because of an ass.

Bustle: The 9 Types Of People You Meet On A Cruise Ship

1. The Chill Loners
2. The Buddy Duo
3. The Spring Breakers
4. The Sleazebags
5. The Bachelorette Partiers
6. The Cute Couple
7. The Harried Married Couple With Kids
8. The Golden Oldies
9. The Family Reunioners
Cruise Bruise Add:
10. The Bucket Listers - Those who took the cruise as a final act, to die at sea, after their doctor gave them days or weeks to live.

Huffington Post: 12 cruise rip-offs to look out for (if you're a cheapskate)

1 - Single Supplement - The biggest rip-off in the cruise business
2 - No Cheap Liquor On Board - In port, you might see a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black for less than $30, only to pay that much for just three or four premium scotch and sodas in the bar.
3 - Charges for Soft Drinks, Ice Cream, and Such - Your only defense is not to snack
4 - Useless Souvenirs - Look, but don't buy.
5 - Recommended Shore Shopping - Never patronize any store praised by a port lecturer.
6- The Casino - Don't play, or if you enjoy it, keep your bets small.
7 - Shipboard Boutiques and Shops - Wait until the last day, you may see it at a markdown
8 - Internet - Finding an Internet cafe in whichever port you visit, cheaper than cruise internet
9 - Onboard Paparazzi - Take pictures with your smartphone or camera and upload them to your favorite social media website or attach them to emails, instead 10 - Tipping - But except for a few ultra-luxury lines, you tip.
11 - Special Dining Venues - Adding a surcharge for some "premium" entrees.
12 - Shore Excursions - Prices are usually higher than prices you can obtain yourself
Cruise Bruise Add:
13. Whine Bombs, who whine, whine, whine as they make everyone around them miserable after booking and taking a more expensive cruise than their budget would allow. They rip you off from quality time at sea.

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