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Pregnancy Discrimination
Unborn Infants - Not On My Cruise Ship

Unfair Discrimination or Safety Policy - November 4, 2007

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Pregnancy Discrimination
Unborn Infants - Not On My Cruise Ship

Unfair Discrimination or Safety Policy - November 4, 2007

In 2007 more pregnant women were being banned from cruises at 24 weeks of their pregnancy for most cruise lines and 27 weeks for others. Many cruise lines now have policies that prevent passenger travel from the third trimester on.

The first trimester of pregnancy, is 1 to 12 weeks, the second trimester is 12 to 23 weeks. The first two trimesters are highest risks to pregnancy. The third trimester is 24 to 40 weeks. Full term is considered at 40 weeks.

Nearly all cruise lines now refuse to board passengers in weeks 1 to 24 of their pregnancy without a doctor note that ensure the health of the baby and mother during the cruise. The policies are adopted by most of the industry to protect women from pregnancy complications or miscarriages at sea. The term 'miscarriage' is defined as child birth at 20 weeks and earlier.

Looking at babies growing prior to the 24 week ban clearly shows justification for the cruise line policy updates in place such as the doctors authorization prior to travel.

Baby born at 21 weeks is about 9.5 inches long

Image of a baby born at 21 weeks is about 9.5 inches long, a few inches longer than a ball point pen in the incubator next to her.

Regularly At Week 21: A baby now weighs about three-quarters of a pound and is approximately 9-10 inches long. A baby's eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed and they can be felt moving in the womb.

Since this article was first introduced policy changes were made, adopted and updated by the cruise industry. Cruise lines have designed the policies to protect mothers, unborn's and the industry itself. We got, "a little wiser and patent" adjusting our tone as we passed from outrage to discrimination into uncomfortable understanding of an industries position. Our own transformation occurred as we witnessed so many who failed to understand family safety could not be delegated. Corporate policy changes were designed to protect consumers or corporations were often direct responses to someone who died failing to understand they were responsible for their own safety. Remember that safety never takes a holiday, danger never takes a vacation and the door to safety swings on the hinges of common sense.

Speak openly with your doctor about your health history. Understand it is your decision and it truly is a life and death issue. Decisions you make are your own responsibility they can have a lasting affect on you and your family.

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