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Van Gogh Cruises Folds Again
Van Gogh Cruises Come To An End

April 29, 2008

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Van Gogh Cruises Folds Again
Van Gogh Cruises Come To An End

April 29, 2008

The Van Gogh cruises, on the rocks since late last fall, has finally called it quits, after passengers were held hostage during a cruise, due to financial debts not met by the new line.

Van Gogh Cruise Line, a Dutch-based Cruise Club worked together to save a round the world cruise when efforts to save Travelscope were bleak. However, the holiday and around the world cruises continued, while Club Cruise worked to resolve issues, including getting the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) membership.

Club Cruise bought the Van Gogh after Travelscope went into receivership, and had a pending application for membership in ABTA. The ABTA membership gives the cruise line insurance needed to cover passengers and crew in the event of losses. Without it, the Van Gogh could not sail.

After initially being turned down for the membership, Van Gogh Cruises appealed, and the appeal was denied. This meant the gang plank was going up for good.

The cruise line was quick to point to outsider forces as a reason the ship could no longer sail, such as the weak value of the British pound and skyrocketing fuel prices.

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