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Falls Flat On Their Face

Leaving Pax High And Dry - December 23, 2007

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Travel Company Travelscope
Falls Flat On Their Face

Leaving Pax High And Dry - December 23, 2007

Club Cruise has contacted Cruise Bruise with the following press release.

Monday, 21st January 2008

On behalf of Club Cruise, we are pleased to announce that their new UK Tour Operating Division is now fully operational and open for business. Based in Cheltenham, the company, Van Gogh Cruise Line Limited will be trading as Van Gogh Cruises. The company's primary role will be to continue to sell and operate the m/v Van Gogh in the UK market.

Managing Director, Mark Horwood said of the new business today, "The m/v Van Gogh is a popular cruise ship within the UK cruise market, which has become well established over the last 6 years. We were grateful that Club Cruise, in conjunction with ABTA, were able to step in at the last minute and save the Round the World Cruise, which departed from Falmouth on the 4th January 2008, following the collapse of the ship's previous UK Tour Operator - no small task given the timescale involved. Club Cruise were keen to remain in the UK market, having established a loyal and committed following over the years - hence the decision to establish a subsidiary company in the U.K for that purpose."

"We have a small dedicated team, all with previous knowledge of the m/v Van Gogh, working hard to get this exciting new venture off the ground. Bookings for the 2008 programme are already off to an excellent start, many passengers had made bookings through the ships previous operator and travel agents and we are delighted that we will enable these passengers to continue with their holidays plans. We will continue to sell the m/v Van Gogh via third party channels including national and regional newspapers, consumer publications, closed user groups and travels agents. We have decided to continue with the itineraries as previously advertised, to ensure no passengers are let down by the collapse of the previous Operator."

"Being a wholly owned subsidiary of Club Cruise, Van Gogh Cruises is in a unique position to continue operating and promoting the m/v Van Gogh in the U.K."

"Club Cruise, which is a Dutch public company, is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Their commitment to the cruising market is second to none - which together with their financial strength is so important in this market sector. We at Van Gogh Cruises are totally committed in helping them achieve that goal within the UK market."

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