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Free Cruises Through Gofundme

Gofundme On A Cruise, People Requesting Money To Take A Cruise or Needs After A Cruising Incident


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Free Cruises Through Gofundme

There was a time that cruises were taken by those who were financially well-off, often planned by people or couples who saved for many years to take a dream vacation on a cruise ship. Now, people just decide they want to cruise, or that someone they know needs a cruise, deserves to cruise free of charge and they set up a Gofundme donation request page, explaining why they need donations for a luxury cruise vacation.

While the concept is rather new and unique, to ask strangers online to send money for a cruise vacation, it is not as rare as some might think. We started this section of Cruise Bruise after finding 80 Gofundme donation pages for cruises in 11 different categories.

Getting Home From Cruise
Cruise Gofundme reasons cover a wide range of events including sad events of passengers who jumped overboard leaving family members with enormous expenses to bring the body home as well as medical emergencies and premature baby births taking place during the cruise, leaving passengers stranded in foreign nations with no money.

Luxury Cruise Vacation, Please
Then, there are those who want to cruise or want someone they know to cruise and want others to pay for it. Those Gofundme pages include birthdays, wedding anniversaries, honeymoons, school events including high school or college graduation, family reunions, participation in a charity drive cruise, cruises for religious reasons, bucket list cruises for the terminal ill or those suffering from a medical disability. There is a small sector of those who want to start or expand their business with a cruise or some cases, it 's a just a person who believes they should enjoy a cruise, they can't afford.

While many of the reasons are noble gestures by well-meaning loved ones, there is some concern if the donation level is not met or was not set high enough in the beginning, travel insurance may not be purchased, which was the case in the Getting Home From Cruise category Gofundme cases.

Since many of these Gofundme requests are for passengers in a high risk medical category for terminally ill, elderly, medically disabled or those cruising with children, travel insurance needs to be added to the cruise package. Otherwise, there is some probability a cruise which was funded by donations from Gofundme, will see a Gofundme page set up for Getting Home From Cruise.

If you would like free promotion for your Gofundme cruise event, submit your Gofundme page address.


Birthday Cruise Gofundme
  • Ashley Birthday 23rd Cruise
  • Dan Goulet 40th Hawaiian Birthday Cruise
  • Ilyana Quinceaner 15th Birthday Cruise
  • Iona 75th Birthday Cruise
  • Joshua Bunn 30th Birthday Cruise
  • Joy Hunter 21st Birthday Cruise
  • Katherine Ashby Dads 60th Birthday
  • Ryann Lake Grandma 98th Birthday Cruise
  • Shana Bury 26th Birthday Cruise
  • Tasha Birthday 21st Cruise
  • Business Cruise Gofundme
  • Divine Peace Photography Cruise
  • Gerald White Cruise Boat Bussiness Startup
  • Charity Cruise Gift Gofundme
  • Much Deserved Cruise Trip For Mom
  • Send My Life Saver On Cruise
  • Wounded Warrior Cruise V
  • Family Reunion Cruise Gofundme
  • Rachael Atherton Family Reunion Cruise
  • Scott Foster Family Reunion Cruise
  • Honeymoon Cruise Gofundme
  • Ben Garcia Honeymoon Cruise
  • Castro Wedding Cruise 2016
  • DeAngelo Harris Best Friend Cruise Wedding
  • Jeffrey and Kelvins Honeymoon Fund
  • John M Payne Honeymoon Cruise
  • Justin M Wyse Honeymoon Dreams
  • Peyton Mackenzie Long Honeymoon Cruise
  • Reese Spitulski Family Honeymoon Cruise
  • Sharlit Murphy Honeymoon Cruise
  • Steven Menduke Honeymoon Cruise
  • I Need A Cruise Gofundme
  • Claudias Viking River Cruise Fund
  • Cruise To The Bahamas
  • Cruise Vacation To Panama Canal
  • Disney Cruise For The Kids
  • Disney Cruise Vacation
  • Help Me To Get To The Disney Cruise
  • Jessicas Fund For Carnival Cruise
  • Transatlantic Cruise With My Kids
  • World Cruise Book
  • Medical Cruise Gofundme
  • A Cruise For Daisy
  • Autism On The Seas Cruise
  • Bills Cruise and Medical Fund
  • Brenda Searcy Medical Reason Cruise
  • Cancer Patient Cruise
  • Cheyannes Medical-Cruise Fund
  • Disney Cruise Spring 2013 After Chemo
  • Dream Cruise-Darrell and Jane Ferch Cruise
  • Haiden's Medical Journey
  • Help Gail Cruise Into The Sunset
  • I Survived Cancer Cruise
  • Joshs Dream Family Cruise
  • Micahs Medical Expenses and Cruise
  • Motorhead Boat Cruise Fund
  • Shawns Birthday Bucket List Cruise
  • Sherrys Medical Fund Dream Trip Cruise
  • Teresa Koonts Vacation and Medical Cruise
  • The Raven Blue Cruise
  • Religion Cruise Gofundme
  • Allen Washington California Maritime Academy
  • Alley and Chris 1 Year Anniversary Cruise
  • Andy an Cody 20 Year Anniversary Cruise
  • Ashleys Graduation Cruise
  • Cozumel Competition Cruise
  • Cruise Ship Management Course
  • ELVHS Class of 85 Reunion Cruise
  • Graduation Cruise Ricky and Elease
  • Help me With My Semester At Sea
  • Joe Dunleavy 1 Year Anniversary Cruise
  • Larry Pollys 50th Anniversary Christian Cruise
  • LoraLee Fuhrmann Parents 25th Wedding Anniversary
  • Ms Andersons Retirement Cruise
  • Parents 25th Anniversary Cruise
  • Pastor Allen Maples Cruise
  • Pastor Candy Preston Cruise
  • Pastor Roberta Jacobs Cruise
  • Ryleighs Dance Team Performance Cruise
  • Second Annual Fellowship Cruise
  • Send Bruce and Amy On Cruise
  • Senior Trip Carribean Cruise
  • Show Choir Cruise
  • Simpson 10 Year Anniversary Cruise

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