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Krystle and Steven Menduke Honeymoon Cruise!

Honeymoon Cruise, Krystle and Steven Menduke Honeymoon Cruise! - Free Honeymoon Cruises Through Gofundme

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Krystle and Steven Menduke Honeymoon Cruise!

Honeymoon Cruise, Krystle and Steven Menduke Honeymoon Cruise!


Krystle and Steven Menduke Honeymoon Cruise!

Funds for: Krystle and Steven Menduke Honeymoon Cruise!
Location: Redondo Beach, California
Gofundme Page:
Created By: Steven Menduke
Date: September 19, 2015
Goal: $4000
Amount Raised: $100
Date: November 15,2015
Raised by: 1 person in 1 month

Gofundme Description:
Krystle and Steven met at Loyola Marymount University while taking a literacy class in their Master's in Education program. Strangers for much of the semester, Steven approached Krystle for some help preparing for a test, and Krystle, as kind as she is, obliged. After a study session, Steven asked Krystle out to dinner, and the rest is history...

Soon after...

Secretly, Steven arranged for family and friends of the couple to be present when he "popped the big question". After months of preparation, and with help from those closest to both Krystle and Steven, the couple went out for a nice Saturday evening dinner on January 25, 2014. Little did Krystle know, everything was about to change.

Upon arriving to Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, CA, the location of their first date, Steven took Krystle on a nice walk along the coast, eventually stopping at a look out point. With their friend Ruthie hiding in the bushes ready to capture a moment that would forever change their lives, Steven asked Krystle to make him the luckiest man in the world and be his wife. In tears, Krystle said "Yes!" and the couple went for celebratory margaritas at a bar at the resort.

After what seemed like an eternity of stalling, while friends and family arrived at the Nelson's restaurant to surprise Krystle and help the couple celebrate their engagement, Steven finally finished his margarita and walked Krystle down to the restaurant for their reservation. The couple, still buzzing from their new engagement, walked into Nelson's and were greeted by the smiling faces of their friends and family!

The wedding will take place in November, and soon after, Krystle and Steven plan to go on a beautiful honeymoon cruise throughout Mexico! Any help making this cruise possible for the new couple would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

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