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Ms Anderson's Retirement Cruise Donation Requests

School Related Cruise, Ms Anderson's Retirement Cruise Donation Requests - Free School Related Cruises Through Gofundme

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Ms Anderson's Retirement Cruise Donation Requests

School Related Cruise, Ms Anderson's Retirement Cruise Donation Requests


Ms Anderson's Retirement Cruise Donation Requests

Funds for: Ms Anderson's Retirement Cruise Donation Requests
Location: Chula Vista, California
Gofundme Page:
Created By: Jared Phelps
Date: April 17, 2013
Goal: $2500
Amount Raised: $2,190
Date: October 3, 2015
Raised by: 36 people in 29 months

Gofundme Description:
UPDATE: - We reached our initial goal of $2000! Wow! I raised the goal to $2500 in case others would still like to contribute!

After 39 years of teaching at Bonita Vista High, our beloved Janice Anderson is retiring. It is my understanding that in all her years as a teacher at Bonita, she was consistently chosen by students as a "Teacher of the Year." (The picture shown was from the 1997 yearbook, along with Mr. Minich, a former BV teacher). When I was a student at Bonita, I never had the pleasure of having Ms. Anderson as a teacher, but I knew her well enough to stop in from time to time for encouragement and wisdom. This year, she was chosen by the students as "Most Inspirational" - even though she's not "a classroom teacher" anymore. Clearly she hasn't lost her gift for impacting the lives of others.

I've now been teaching at Bonita for six years, and the work Janice has done with the International Baccalaureate program has been amazing. That encouragement and wisdom that I got from her years ago has been poured into countless students (both IB and otherwise) over the years.

Every year, she gets a gift from the IB class - but now that she's looking toward retirement, I wanted to give everyone a chance to give back to her just one more time. For the countless hours she put in, for the way she graciously dealt with our procrastination time and time again, and for the desire she always had (and still has) that all of us will reach our full potential. I'd love to be able to send her on a cruise with her husband (since he also deserves a big thank you - for all the time he gave up for her to be with us all).

In related news: the IB class of 2013 is holding a retirement party for Ms. Anderson on June 1. For more information, contact me send me an email, and I'll get you the info!

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