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Ferry Services Licensed For Travel To Cuba

Travel To Cuba With Florida Ferry Service To Cuba and Mexico

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Ferries To Cuba
Ferry Services Licensed For Travel To Cuba

Travel To Cuba With Florida Ferry Service To Cuba and Mexico

Ferries To Cuba Licensed - May 6, 2015

Today, four ferry companies have been licensed for cruises to Cuba. Baja Ferries, Havana Ferry Partners,United Caribbean Lines and Airline Brokers Co.

Baja Ferries is ready to start regular trips to Cuba with two ferries already being used in the Caribbean. California Star and La Paz Star are both already offering sailings into the Caribbean to Mazatlán, Mexico and Topolobampo, Mexico, both of which are located in the Gulf Of California.

The California Star has only first class tickets. The ferry cruise ship has a restaurant with buffet, a cafeteria, a nightclub bar, convenience store with everyday items and a boutique with souvenirs, as well as cabins. California Star offers both standard and handicap access cabins.

In addition, pets in cages are allowed on the ferry, within compliance of the laws of Mexico.

Port of calls expected to be added to the ferry schedules among these four ferry companies are Progresso, Mexico, Cancun, Mexico, Cozumel, Mexico as well as Havana, Cuba, Cienfuegos, Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba and Maria La Gorda, Cuba, which are already being serviced by cruise lines traveling from Europe and within the Caribbean.

United Caribbean Lines responded to a request for updates on information and provided this statement, "Plans call for ferry services from several of the main ports in Florida, such as Miami, Tampa, Port Everglades, and Key West, using modern overnight ferry vessels designed for international service. Our final sailing schedules, first voyage dates, and ship details will be issued after completing arrangements with Cuban. UCL is also working hard to complete its plans for ferry service between Cancun and the Yucatan peninsula in the next few months." authorities.

We will be tracking all the ferries to Cuba on our Cuba Cruise Ship Tracker or choose one of our other cruise ship trackers, Gulf Of Mexico Cruise Ship Tracker, Miami Cruise Ship Tracker, Carbbean Cruise Ship Tracker and our world cruise ship tracker, Live Cruise Ship Tracker.

For more information on travel by cruise ship or ferry to Cuba see our Cruise Ships To Cuba website

Baja Ferries

Havana Ferry Partners

United Caribbean Lines

Airline Brokers Co

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