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People Who Disappear While in Port Not Always News Worthy

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Missing Passengers No Mystery
Cruise Bruise Finds Missing Passenger

People Who Disappear While in Port Not Always News Worthy

Every year dozens of cruise ship passengers and crew go missing during the course of a voyage. But, it is not uncommon for people to decide to disappear from the cruise ship or from any other place, for that matter, without telling someone their intentions.

What is common, is main stream media and lawyers who make their money bringing lawsuits against the cruise lines, jumping on every case, portraying the case as some great mystery, because it makes for good reading. Everyone loves a good mystery and keeping your name in the news, so people will find you and hire you, or fluffing the news in a periodical, keeps people interested and coming back for more.

The truth is this. People don't always exhibit signs of being distraught, or leave a note before they commit suicide. Some people keep their thoughts and intentions to themselves. Their friends and family listen to plans which are interpreted as a will to live and reach goals. While inside their minds they reach a breaking point and are tormented by one or more issues they decide are unbearable. This is the reason many jump overboard from a cruise ship.

Other cruise ship passengers disappear in port and we have had quite a few of those cases as well. But, unlike the media and blogging lawyers, we don't post unproven rumors. It's simply not good a good practice to claim something happened, to someone somewhere when the critical elements of story can not be proven. The who, what, where, when and how of the story are the elements which make a story news worthy because it creates something which is worth spending the time to read.

For example, the case of Sherry Caminita, 73, from St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Caminita was on an Alaskan cruise aboard Princess Cruises' Dawn Princess when the cruise ship docked in Juneau, Alaska on Friday September 23, 2016. She went into port and was never seen again by her traveling companions. She turned up the next day back home, having flown there after arriving in Juneau. We have there, the who, what, where, when and how and it makes for the beginning of an interesting story.

On Saturday, September 24, a cabin attendant noticed her cabin bed looked like nobody had slept there and it was reported to management. A search of the ship was undertaken and when she was not found the United States Coast Guard was notified.

The USCG sent two boats and a helicopter, (at tax-payers expense) to search a 225 mile stretch of ocean between Juneau and Ketchikan, but were unable to locate Caminita. The USCG search was hampered by dangerous, heavy fog and the air temperature was in the 50s.

In the end, Sherry Caminita left the ship, she says, after having a disagreement with a friend aboard, over what to wear to dinner Friday night. She showed a complete lack of respect to her fellow passengers, the crew, the cruise line and the government who used resources to search for her at an incredible expense.

Then, there is the case of Luis Felipe Del Rosario Perez, 28, from La Romana, Dominican Republic. Perez was sailing aboard Pullmantur Cruises' MV Zenith around 11:00 December 27, 2016 as he departed the cruise ship at the Bridgetown Port. Perez walked off the ship and disappeared.

Numerous media outlets and at least one blogging lawyer, posted the story, without so much as a moment of investigation to find out if he was truly a "missing person", or he suddenly decided for some reason not to continue on his cruise.

Cruise Bruise investigated and found out in less than a minute, that Perez was not missing at all. He was posting on his Facebook page the entire time. His friends and family were not concerned at all. Yet the lawyer was posting this regurgitated non-news item. We added it to our Cruise Ship Missing website, just to demonstrate that not every missing passenger and crew case is some great mystery. There are somewhat logical, even if greatly disturbed reasons people simply disappear, much like the cases of suicides overboard at sea.

Finally, there is the recent case of Alisha Frank and Hayden Gerson from San Diego, California. The couple went missing on April 26, 2016 from Oasis of the Seas while the ship was in port at Montego Bay, Jamaica. Later,they notified family they missed the cruise ship's departure from Montego Bay, were alright and the search was called off.

Numerous other cruise ship passengers have disappeared while in port including Latrice Graham, Stephen Staker and the well-publicized case of Amy Lynn Bradley There is no proof any of them met with foul play, and there are more reasons to believe they simply had a different path for their life in mind, than what others wanted for them. To this day, the case of Bradley gets media attention as her family keep the case in the news.

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