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Syrian Refugee Trail - Project Safe Travel
Solution For Expediting Refugee Placements

Cruise Bruise Plea To Reform Coalition

Syrian Refugee Trail - Project Safe Travel September 15, 2015

It has been one year today, since the International Coalition Against ISIL fully formed with a resolution to coordinate efforts to support the U.S. fight against ISIL with anti-ISIL forces in Iraq and Syria with supplies and air support.

Five points were agreed to including - "4. Addressing associated humanitarian relief and crises." Yet the relief effort is floundering, unorganized and is doing nothing to assist the refugees in a concerted effort among the signatory nations. Thousands are dying in the Mediterranean Sea, on The Refugee Trail through Europe and are being robbed and assaulted along the way. We need a relief effort for the nearly five million refugees, on the scale of The Berlin Airlift, which was only to assist two million war refugees in Berlin Germany. Who is to blame for this epic crisis?

International Coalitions Against ISIL

(60 in total - see image top-right)

The first coalition on 5 September 2014 was a NATO summit in Wales where 9 countries pledged support to the U.S. fight against ISIL with anti-ISIL forces in Iraq and Syria with supplies and air support.

The second coalition, 15 September 2014, the ‘International Conference on Peace and Security in Iraq’ hosted by the French President François Hollande in Paris, where 26 countries were there to support a coalition against ISIL.

The third coalition, 3 December 2014, at the NATO headquarters in Brussels, where 59 countries gathered to plot a way forward against the threat of ISIL. The coalition agreed to these key goals;
1. Supporting military operations, capacity building, and training;
2. Stopping the flow of foreign terrorist fighters;
3. Cutting off ISIL/Daesh’s access to financing and funding;
4. Addressing associated humanitarian relief and crises;
5. Exposing ISIL/Daesh’s true nature (ideological delegitimization).

The Refugee Trail

Those registering for relocation through UNHCR, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ( ), arriving at 43 nations (see image to right) total 4,921,514 refugees. The total of refugees is only for registered refugees and doesn't include those yet to cross their first border and register. The majority of refugees are crossing 8-12 country borders on foot, a distance of 1,500 to 2,000 miles, many with small children and babies. (image right)

The Refugee Trail by sea vessel, passenger ships, ferry or in the rarest case a cruise ship they are the more fortunate. The majority are not so lucky according to a quote from the UNHCR

"Increasing numbers of refugees and migrants take their chances aboard unseaworthy boats and dinghies in a desperate bid to reach Europe. The vast majority of those attempting this dangerous crossing are in need of international protection, fleeing war, violence and persecution in their country of origin. Every year these movements continue to extract a devastating toll on human life."
Many who attempt are not successful and die at sea, the death toll has seen alarming growth as more refugees try despertate attempts to escape.

A 60 Nation Coalition Solution

The problems associated with fleeing families land travel across a dozen European borders has become complicated, dangerous and unmanageable by individual counties. A 60 Nation Coalition Solution must be organized, as a coalition.

With a 60 nation coalition, a massive assistance operation to refugees could begin by the end of the month. With winter approaching, getting refugees off the Refugee Trail and into destination countries has never been more urgent.

Reports indicate Germany has offeried to take 800,000 refugees. The refugees are mostly making their way across Europe on foot after arriving in smuggler boats at Southern European Ports The North Sea German ports of Wilhelmshaven, Bremerhaven, and Cuxhaven present a viable staging solution for refugees traveling to Germany. Cuxhaven has an airbase at Sea- Airport Cuxhaven- Nordholz. and would be a good solution for a Coalition refugee supply airlift, such as was used in the Berlin Airlift.

With over three million refugees still in Lebanon and Turkey, as they eagerly hope for new homes to the north, The Port of Izmir, Turkey where many refugees are already trying to get smuggled into Greece or the Port of Antalya Turkey are good locations for a staging area for sea travel to Germany. (map right)

The Berlin Airlift, which began on June 26, 1948, was one of the most massive refugee relief efforts in history. It was the first large-scale, modern humanitarian effort and the first international humanitarian coalition that used military vehicles, instillations, resources, personnel, and aircraft, instead of relying on civilian aid organizations. In all, 1,534 tons were required each day to sustain the over two million people of Berlin.

The Fliegerhorst Nordholz is a German military airfield in the north woods in the municipality Wurster Nordseeküste in Cuxhaven, home to the Naval Air Squadron 3 "Graf Zeppelin" and the Naval Air Wing 5 is perfectedly located for port support.. The location of Fliegerhorst Nordholz makes it a good solution for a staging area for refugees arriving by sea at Wilhelmshaven, Bremerhaven, and Cuxhaven, Germany. (maps right)

The three North Sea ports will be good access points for political refugees seeking asylum in other Coalition nations such as Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom. Netherlands, Belgium, and otherr Northern Europe countries.

Rick Hillier Former Canadian retired general says military can help bring in 50,000 refugees by Christmas. "Let's put a logistics operation in place, get all these cruise ships in Europe that come back to North America for the winter season and let's go and lease a couple of those, bring three or four or five thousand people at a time."

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