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Canadian Cruise Industry Legislation
Can They Do What Americans Can't?

July 6, 2008

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Canadian Cruise Industry Legislation
Can They Do What Americans Can't?

July 6, 2008

Twenty years ago, if you asked any Canadian you met, and most likely you wouldn't have to ask, they would immediately tell you as soon as they realized they had an American within ear-shot, the average Canadian had a much better quality of life, than the average American did. I could not agree with them twenty years ago.

With the high cost of fuel now, American corporations are begriming to crumble, as the arrogant company heads begin to see that the poor can not afford their products and services, because the oil companies have drained the private sector's wallets.

Had the consumption of fuel not increased as American troops sucked up more fuel than most small nations, driving up International fuel demand and prices, Americans would have more money to spend on things like Starbucks coffee, American made cars, home mortgages, credit card payments and holiday travel.

The U.S entered into trade deals that made making products more economical by moving factories to far away, low wage places like India and China. This as a consequence also increased fuel consumption for the transportation of finished goods to the U.S. market. Previously, factories transported goods an average of 1,500 miles to their market. Now, that distance is four times that with a minimum of 6,000 miles from the factory in India or China to the U.S. market. It means fuel consumption attributed to the wholesale transportation of goods to the U.S. market has skyrocketed in the past decade, driving up competition for a limited amount of fuel each year. It has also driven up the price of goods due to higher transportation costs, beyond what average Americans can afford to pay for the necessities of life, nearly all of which are imported.

All of these factors, coupled with so many others, I could list for days on end, now make up the widening difference between Americans and Canadians. Canadians can and do take action quickly, when things begin to run a muck while Americans piss and moan as they do nothing.

In the U.S., half the nation is more fixated on trivial issues like nipplegate and political homosexual tristes between two consenting adults, than ensuring American children, living among a landscape strewn with vacant, crumbling buildings where goods were once produced, can see a doctor when they are ill, have jackets to wear in the winter and food on their plate seven days a week after politicians exported hundreds of thousands of jobs to countries now bidding up the price of oil to meet production demands so they can produce goods for a dwindling number of Americans who can afford to buy them.

It comes as no surprise to me today, that the Canadians are now beginning to look at regulation of the cruise industry in order to protect their environment and their citizens. They will do it, if for no other reason than the fact than the Americans could not. Being better at running their country than Americans are at running theirs, is the single most important factor in Canadian life, to any Real Canadian.

While Californian politicians sold out, in Alaska they passed legislation, they can not enforce, now resulting in a private sector lawsuit against an industry refusing to comply with open access aboard cruise ships for the Alaskan ocean rangers.

The major difference between Canada and the U.S is that one of the nations has a strong majority of politiicans that actually care about those people who pay their salaries, and the other doesn't. This is why Canadians are much more likely to have legislation with teeth governing the cruise industry, long before American politicians will have decided to take guaranteed inaction, bought and paid for by a cruise industry that just doesn't "get it"

Really, the industry doesn't need to "get it". Last week India passed legislation that gave the cruise industry tax-free status. With 1.13 billion people in India, it won't be long before more Indians can afford cruises than Americans can, due to the influx of jobs that were previously on American soil.

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