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January 21, 2007

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Travel Agency Insider
Tells Of Illegal Drugs, Espionage Consumer Fraud

January 21, 2007

Travel Agency Consumer Fraud

There were illegal manipulations of accounting figures for reservations, and these were being planned in detail by employees in the parking lot. It was common for cancellation requests not being honored until the following month so paychecks would not be affected due to commission recall.

I personally stopped a former employee from committing suicide after she was terminated for no given reason (Texas is an employer-friendly state, and an employer can terminate you for any reason, and they are not obligated to inform you of their reasons).

Travel Agency Industry Espionage

Employees were "fed" with bonus prospective customer inquiries if they spied on competitor trael agents. Admist all of this insanity, customer surveys and sales quotas were a tool of paranoia that were programmed into an agent's mind.

Employees Terminated Without Just Cause

A customer that recently returned from a cruise was sent an automated email asking how they would rate the cruise itself and the agent. Most people are satisfied with the service and give a "met expectation" survey. This was considered unacceptable by the employer and honest agents were terminated for this, or that rating card was always held against them. I was terminated for suggesting cruisebruise as recommended reading. Make sense?

We as consumers need to begin to educate ourselves in not only the product (cruise) but the manner in how it is presented and sold. Are you going to walk into a car dealership, listen to the salesman for a few minutes and the next thing you know, you are signing the finance papers. No, most people learn the in's and out's of a product, arrive at the dealership ready to kick some tires, and play psychological games with the salesman.

So the next time you call an online agency and you feel the pressure, the shipboard credit, the free bottle of wine, ask yourself "Is it worth it?" Am I going to purchase a product just because the salesman is coating it with alot of sugar? Why does the travel agent have such a voice of urgency on the phone, ready to give away the house if I book now? The next time, pick up a book, read an online article, "kick some tires" before you make that reservation. With this in mind, online agencies will conform, and cruise lines will return to the policy of "customer-first". Remember, cruise lines are watching how sales are made, at what speed, and will be forced to re-assess their product, presentation, and delivery.

Consumers make or break a product. Let's take back that power, and make the agencies and cruise lines serve us!"

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