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The Vet Life Meets Grapes of Wrath
Carnival Liberty Cruise Ship Passengers

Houston, Texas Reality TV Show Drs Diarra Blue, Dr. Aubrey Ross and Dr. Michael Lavigne Sued For Wrongful Death

The Grapes dropped off their two English bulldog puppies, Zeus and Belvedere to be boarded at Cy-Fair Animal Hospital in nearby Cypress, Texas during their Carnival Liberty cruise, with the two puppies being scheduled to be neutered on July 18, 2016, according to paperwork the Grape family had received at the clinic.

Tony and Angela Grape chose Cy-Fair Animal Hospital in part because the three veterinarians, Dr. Diarra Blue, Dr. Aubrey Ross and Dr. Michael Lavigne who operate it are featured on a new reality show on Animal Planet called “The Vet Life.”

Since the surgery was scheduled for two days away on July 18, the Grapes fed Zeus and Belvedere breakfast before they dropped the puppies off right before they embarked on the cruise. “The dogs had eaten breakfast, and they were given water; they were not ready for surgery,” said Angela Grape.

Yet, hours after dropping the pups off, they got a telephone call from Cy-Fair Animal Hospital saying Zeus had died after anesthesia which had been administered for his surgery. The clinic wanted to know if the Grape family still wanted Belvedere to be neutered. The Grapes say they told the clinic, "no" and sent a family member to pick up Belvedere.

Tony and Angela Grape say the cruise was ruined as they were pre-occupied with wondereding what had gone wrong with their beloved fur baby Zeus and why he died the day of their cruise.

The Grapes came back from their Carnival Liberty cruise and Cy-Fair Animal Hospital felt their wrath after they sued the hospital and their three Veterinarian doctors for negligence, breach of contract and emotional distress.

After coming back from their Mexican cruise anxiously waiting to get back to the Houston area and get answers, they were handed a wooden box with Zeus's cremated remains and they no longer had the option of having a necropsy performed.

“We didn’t even get to say goodbye to his body,” Angela told KHOU. “I don’t want anyone else to have to go through the heartbreak we have gone through.”

Dr. Diarra Blue, who reportedly administered the anesthesia on Zeus, emailed KHOU the following statement:

“All of the staff at Cy Fair Animal Hospital are heartbroken over the loss of Zeus and offer our condolences to the family. Unfortunately, there is always a risk when a dog is administered anesthesia and understand this is a profound loss. Our thoughts are with the Grape family. However I would like to state for the record that Cy-fair Animal Hospital can only cremate a clients animal with the permission of that client which we had in this case. As for medical details I am not able to discuss as they are being reviewed by the, Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.”

As with all reality television shows, The Vet Life is not without dramas and traumas. A Cruise Bruise investigation found the Grape's lawsuit brought attention to wider issues at Cy-Fair Animal Hospital which may not have been addressed on the reality TV show.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Dr. Diarra Blue, Dr. Aubrey Ross purchased Montgomery County Animal Shelter, Care Corp. from former Constable Tim Holifield for $10,000 in January 2015.

The Houston Chronicle article says, "County commissioners appointed the committee after concerns were raised by former shelter volunteers. One of them, Tonya Bohannon, has gathered more than 4,000 petition signatures seeking to end the county's $1.5 million contract with Care Corp., the for-profit company that runs the shelter.

"Records showed 171 animals died in their cages at the shelter or after being sent to a rescue group this past June, compared to 28 in June of 2014. No records are kept on animals that die shortly after being adopted, but Bohannon said reports of such incidents are rising.

Commissioners agreed to appoint a committee of veterinarians and shelter professionals to do an independent assessment of the shelter at 8535 Texas 242."

"Our main concern is the health and welfare of the animals," said Commissioner Jim Clark, who was assigned to oversee the assessment. "The vets tell us that they're trying to save more animals from being euthanized. They're killing more than a thousand less than the previous manager. They say this can sometimes lead to underlying health problems in animals that are rescued or adopted. But some of our animal lovers believe there's a huge problem there," Clark said.

The Houston Press reported on August 12, 2015, "After eight months of controversy over the Montgomery County Animal Shelter's new directors, the county's commissioners voted Tuesday to terminate the contract with private corporation Care Corp who is overseeing the shelter." Yet, The Vet Life premiered on Jun 04, 2016.

A Facebook page, which makes damning allegations against The Vet Life's Cy Fair Animal Hospital has been set-up Exposing the Truth behind Animal Planet's Reality Show "The Vet Life" or see the Facebook embed below.

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