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Natalia (Naty) Molina Valenzuela
Norwegian Pearl Crew Overboard Death

Funter Bay, Juneau, Alaska September 8, 2016

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Natalia (Naty) Molina Valenzuela
Norwegian Pearl Crew Overboard Death

Funter Bay, Juneau, Alaska September 8, 2016

A Norwegian Cruise Lines' Norwegian Pearl crew member Natalia (Naty) Molina Valenzuela, 25, from Colombia, went overboard from the Norwegian Pearl near Funter Bay, west of Juneau, according to an Alaska State Trooper dispatch. Norwegian Pearl was on an Alaskan cruise from Seattle to Glacier Bay when Valenzuela went missing.

Natalia (Naty) Molina Valenzuela went to College Institution of Cultural Integration (IDIC) in Bogota, Colombia, prior to working for Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Coast Guard were alerted to a cruise ship crew member’s disappearance around 0530 hours on Thursday after she couldn’t be found in her cabin. Juneau Coast Guard spokesman Petty Officer Jon-Paul Rios said security footage from the cruise ship showed Molina Valenzuela had gone overboard while the vessel was under way.

Petty Officer 1st Class Blake Fleming, command duty officer, Coast Guard Sector Juneau, said the United States Coast Guard searched for the crew member for 42 hours. "After saturating a search area of 340 square-miles in Lynn Canal with 13 different search patterns, we made the difficult decision to suspend the search after our combined efforts were not able to locate her."

The 17th Coast Guard District command center coordinated the search which included Coast Guard Air Station Sitka helicopter crews, Coast Guard Station Ketchikan response boat crews, the crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Liberty and Alaska State Trooper fixed-wing aircraft and response boat crews. The U.S. Coast Guard suspended its search Friday for Valenzuela.

Crew Member Friends May Hold Clues

Norwegian Pearl left Seattle, Washington on September 4, for an eight-day cruise from Seattle to Glacier Bay. A September 4 photo she posted to social media, shows a man shopping who she identifies as Osman Kovacevic a Youth Staff at Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Pearl.

Another post also on September 4 says "No hagas nada por obligacion ni por compromiso sino por amor" which translates to "Do nothing out of obligation or by compromise, but for love". It was the last social media post she made.

On September 2, Valenzuela made a selfie at Ketchikan, Alaska from aboard Norwegian Pearl. She appears happy.

The ship arrived in Juneau, Alaska September 6 and sailed onto Skagway, where it docked on 0700 hours on September 7. Norwegian Pearl left Skagway around 2000 hours after spending the day it port. That night, Norwegian Pearl was sailing towards Glacier Bay, Alaska on Thursday September 8 and was due to dock in Ketchikan, Alaska September 9 at 0600 hours. The cruise then continued before a final call at Victoria, British Columbia, Canada before returning to Seattle, Washington September 11.

A prior post on August 20 at 6:16 in the evening, Valenzuela posts from Victoria, BC, Canada, "I tried for so long to convince myself how to lose faith or hope in people, but there was always someone coming from the worst showing light from the darkness, so I gave up on giving up. Best example I wasn't expecting anything from this contract on board, yet I met the most gorgeous soul and most amazing human being I've had the chance to find. You're the best! Osman Kovacevic and I freaking love you to the bones."

To this post, Norwegian Pearl crew member Bube Wu responds, "Im happy about you weirdos :) love you both."

Kovacevic Osman also responds, "You love me to the bones :p".

Valenzuela posts again later on August 20 at 7:39, "Life is good". The selfie photo shows Valenzuela, Kovacevic Osman and Bube Wu at Victoria, BC, Canada. All three appear to be happy at a sidewalk cafe.

Valenzuela appears to have a close relationship with Osman Kovacevic, Bube Wu from Veles, Macedonia and Lucas Pezzi, Guest Services Associate. It is unclear if perhaps Osman Kovacevic or Bube Wu can help investigators determine what happened on September 8. A July 8, 2016 photo she posted on her social media account, which was taken by another person, shows her happy, sitting on the dock with Norwegian Pearl in the background at Ketchikan, Alaska.

Three photos posted in June announce what appears to be her work aboard Norwegian Pearl. June 12 she posted a selfie photo. Lucas Pezzi, Guest Services Associate commented, " Heeey así que venís para el pearl?! Te veo pronto guapa 😁😁⚓️ (Hey so you come to the pearl?! See you soon beautiful 😁😁⚓️").

June 15, she posts a photo with the caption, "Well, I'm ready." and June 19 she poses with two people who might be family.

In addition, Daniel Molina who is connected to this group of friends, was at Skagway on September 7. He may or may not be crew.

Others connected to this group of crew friends and may have heard or seen something before Naty went missing, are Flor Ruíz Carbajal, Meghan Ogilvie, Marlon Vieira, Edilaine Feliciano, Charlyn S. Padilla, Ema Rojas, Edijs Vanags, Max Emmanuel , Aniesh Shen, Christopher Volkovicky and Rachael Jepson.

Daniel Molina who is connected to this group of friends and was at Skagway on September 7, as well.

If you were on this cruise and have information which may assist in this investigation, please contact us.

This case is also featured on the Cruise Ship Missing website and the Cruise Ship Deaths website.

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