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Maui Violent Crime Against Women
Police Warn Women Stay to Alert

As Crime Increases Near Cruise Ship Dock - August 30, 2007

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Maui Violent Crime Against Women
Police Warn Women Stay to Alert

As Crime Increases Near Cruise Ship Dock - August 30, 2007

It is a tropical destination, with tropical destination increasing crime as a result of the increasing presence of cruise ships and the passengers they bring But, it is right here in the old U. S. of A.

Maui, Hawaii police are warning women to stay vigilant when on foot around town, as handbag snatchings and sexual assaults are on the rise. One woman tourist had her diaper bag snatched as she loaded child and packages into a vehicle in a parking lot. The bag contained several thousand dollars.

A boy and a woman were arrested for a purse-snatching reported at Kahului Harbor near the area where a cruise ship had docked August 8, 2007. Several others have been arrested for 'purse' snatchings in this past month.

Still, numerous handbag snatchings have taken place, with no arrests made in August alone.

In other news, a man was arrest and charged with attempted sexual assault against a female jogger. A citizen saw the attack and assisted the woman until police could arrive to make the arrest.

Along with advising women to be aware of their surroundings, police said individuals using personal music devices such as MP-3 players may have their awareness of their surroundings impaired, making the users more vulnerable to attack.

Another concern is the location of the cruise ship pier, pier 1. When disembarking, passengers have to walk through an industrial area to exist the port as they make their way into town.m This area is vulnerable for injuries and assaults.

It appears that the increase in harbor traffic as a result of the cruise ships calling, has not gone un-noticed by local thugs and pervs. The harbor at Kahului is crowded everyday, with no room to spare. One day recently they had one more ship in the harbor than it accomodates, a record dating back to WWII.

The harbormaster, Steve Pfister, says that his harbor was not designed for cruise ships.

The room they take up has made it hard to get the ships and barges into the harbor that are needed to bring in imports and take out local exports such as sand, cement, coal, steel and sugar cane.

That congestion has increased after a superferry was allowed to bring service, without an environmental impact study. Residents complain that the same thing happened when the cruise lines wanted to park their monsters in the harbor, the environmental study was never done.

Residents worry that the harbor is too narrow for packing in cruise ships that have to back into the harbor to get in. They say that cruise ships are being given a priority over critical supplies and threaten the standard of living as a result. A whopping 98% of all food and clothing for local residents comes in through this harbor. The map above demonstrates the problem with this harbor.

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