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Mutiny On The Dalmajia
Unpaid Crew Flee Cruise Ship

August 14, 2008

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Mutiny On The Dalmajia
Unpaid Crew Flee Cruise Ship

August 14, 2008

The Croatian cruise ship Dalmajia owned by a Croatian firm Adriatic Cruise which chartered the The boat to Dinamik has been in financial troubles, finding herself without a crew. The crew revolted and mutinied the small cruise ship leaving passengers high and dry.

With two hundred passengers aboard for a week-long cruise, the cause of the problem seemed varied, depending on who you asked.

One report says the ship was stuck at sea because travel agency Delos Tourism arranged Adriatic cruises for 201 passengers, paid to enter port but was refused.

An announcement was made by Igor Krmpoti, the ship's owner telling the passengers that due to problems with the travel agency he had decided to cancel the tour and anchor in the middle of the sea.

Krmpoti claims he paid 300,000 euros for the ship to enter the port of Split and that a crime was being committed against him.

Another report says that the crew hadn't been paid for months, and simply refused to work any longer on promises that had been broken before. When the ship finally entered Split, the crew mutinied, leaving the 200 passengers stuck in port.

Combining the two stories, the common denominator is lack of cash flow.

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