Cruise Bruise

Li Yinglei
Allegedly Murdered by Husband

Thrown Overboard MSC Magnifica Off Italy Coast February 10, 2017

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Li Yinglei
Allegedly Murdered by Husband

Thrown Overboard MSC Magnifica Off Italy Coast February 10, 2017

March 11, 2017
Investigative news report show how investigators' theory is possible with woman same size in same suitcase size.

March 3, 2017 update:

State prosecutor Maria Tamburelli, claims the couple were having financial problems and Mr Belling killed his wife on board on February 10 after the couple and their kids had supper together at the Four Winds restaurant on board but did not turn up for breakfast the next morning.

Police are looking for Li Yinglei's suitcase fearing she may be inside it. A photo of the suitcase is circulating on the internet in hope someone will see it and report the suitcase location. Depending on currents the suitcase could wash ashore anywhere in the Mediterranean Sea, including Italy, Greece, Malta, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Turkey or Bulgaria.

However, Mediterranean Sea hydrodynamics where Li Yinglei is thought to have gone overboard, have a southeastern flow of circulation, making it most likely if the suitcase washes ashore it would be on a beach at Crete, Libya or Egypt.

The last photo in our slider shows the suitcase from the Heather Mack suitcase murder case. It is not a stretch, to think Li Yinglei might be inside the orange suitcase in the photo shown.

Cruise Bruise Investigation

Li Yinglei, 38, embarked on a MSC Cruises' MSC Magnifica 10-day Mediterranean cruise with her husband Daniel Belling, 46, and their two children ages six and four on February 9, 2017. When the cruise ship returned to Civitavecchia, Italy, Belling disembarked with his children, but Li Yinglei was nowhere to be seen.

Daniel Belling's Chinese wife Li Yinglei (Xing Lei Li) also known as Angie Li, was a cruise and wedding planner living in Ireland with her husband and children, who started Cinderella's Wedding in 2015. Cinderella's Wedding offered a range of packages, including wedding dress rentals, decor and photo album design. The couple also had a range of podcasts on their website, which featured Angie narrating different travel destinations and cruises. The website is still live at this time.

According to the Irish Independent newspaper, "Ms Li previously appeared in court in Dublin, after having her front door broken down by gardaí when she refused to leave an apartment. Dublin District Court heard there had been a dispute with the landlord over unpaid rent and because she was keeping pets, which was against the rules. The couple had fallen behind in their rent when they both lost their jobs, the court was told. Ms Li was prosecuted on a charge of burglary with intent to cause criminal damage. But Judge Catherine Murphy dismissed the charge."

The last time she was seen alive was in Genoa on February 10, just one day into the cruise, when the family went into a Genoa, Italy tourist souvenir shop.

“I remember it well, we had just opened and it was 10am. First she entered with the two children, then he came in. He was agitated, he pulled out of a rucksack a pair of gym shoes and yelled at the woman. He said "Put these on instead of your sandals and shut up.”, the Genoa, Italy shop owner told La Stampa newspaper.

When the ship sailed from Valetta, Malta to Katakolon, Greece, Belling said his wife was not enjoying the cruise, she was bored with it and wanted to get off the ship. He alleges that he took the children into port with him, but she remained on the cruise ship. When he came back with the children, she was gone, as were her suitcase and belongings. He said he told the cleaning crew at that time, only three people were in the cabin now, not four. But, later he changed his story.

Police interviewed the two children and they say that the interview with the children produced these damning facts. One evening the father asked the children to remain in the cruise ship cabin, saying that he had to go out with their mother. But, when he came back their mother was not with him and they never saw her again. This contradicts the Belling claim that she stayed on the ship when he went into port at Katakolon, Greece with the children.

Cruise ship crew said that she re-boarded MSC Magnifica after Genoa but she disappeared sometime before the end of the cruise. Since the crew could not remember seeing Li Yinglei and had records of her embarking ten days prior but not disembarking, they alerted authorities in Civitavecchia, Italy.

Belling was arrested at Rome’s Ciampino airport as he was preparing to board a flight to Dublin, Ireland. Police have charged him with her murder, though her body has not been found to date. He was taken to Rome’s Regina Coeli prison where he will await trial. Friday February 24, Italian judges visited Mr Belling in his cell, where he was asked to give his version of events. He told the judges that he thought his wife had gone back to their home Dublin, Ireland or back to visit family in China.

Investigators are currently going through CCTV footage from the cruise ship to determine when Li Yinglei was last seen aboard MSC Magnifica. The last time she used her key card to leave or enter the cruise ship was in Genoa,Italy. The CCTV footage confirms reports by two crew members.

Judge Maria Paola Tomaselli issued the judicial ordinanza document to hold Belling in prison without bail. The ordinanza is a ruling by preliminary court judge who is asked to confirm an arrest or to set the detained person free.

Judge Tomaselli found it odd that the couple had taken the cruise, since they were having financial problems. This combined with the fact that during questioning in his prison cell, Belling at first claimed his wife had disembarked the cruise ship for “urgent business” reasons. This made no sense because all her other personal belongings, including mobile phone, credit card and Irish residence permit were found in the cabin, as well as her red coat, shoes and gowns. After stating that lie, Belling refused to answer more questions, reciting his right to remain silent.

A MSC Magnifica restaurant waitress told investigators that the last time she had seen Yinglei Li, had been on the evening of February 10th when she, her husband and their children had dined together at their assigned table, No 704. in the Four Winds restaurant. She did not see Yinglei Li either at breakfast or lunch next day, she presumed that the woman had eaten at the ship’s buffet. She also told investigators that for the rest of the trip, Mr Belling and his two sons had eaten on their own, without Yinglei Li.

A cabin maid told police that she had not seen Yinglei Li after February 9th, remarking Mr Belling told her on the fourth day of the cruise had told her not to make up the sofa as a bed since only three people, not four, were sleeping in the cabin on deck 11.

Witnesses aboard the ship claim the children were always barefoot and were wearing the same clothes each day. Reports in Italian media claimed crew members found one of Belling's sons wandering the corridors of the ship after his wife vanished.

The Irish Independent reported an odd fact, Yinglei Li's mother said she heard her daughter was missing from a friend who read an English article on the internet. That is how she learned her daughter was missing, her son-in-law had been arrested and her two grandchildren were in care in Italy. She said she last spoke to her daughter on February 7, before they embarked on the cruise. Daniel Belling never told her that her daughter was missing, nor had investigators. She has not heard from her daughter since before the cruise.

More odd is this unusual request from Belling's attorney. The Irish Independent has reported, Luigi Conti has asked the court if his client could leave prison and stay at an apartment in Rome, as this investigation may take a very long time. The court has denied the request, keeping Belling in the prison while investigators continue to piece together evidence.

Belling's attorney Luigi Conti says his client is a German citizen living in Dublin, who works as computer programmer and IT consultant; his clients included Apple. Since his client maintains his wife is a missing person, the international police agency Interpol is searching for her.

MSC Magnifica embarked on February 9 at Civitavecchia, Italy with port calls at Malta, Greece and Cyprus.

This case has some similarities to the cruise ship murder case of Micki Kanesaki. Kanesaki is also an Asian woman who went on Mediterranean cruise with her partner to revive a broken relationship, California lawyer, Lonnie Kocontes. She too had a volatile relationship with her husband, financial issues and had a minor brush with the law. She also disappeared during the cruise off the coast of Italy.

Her husband was investigated by the FBI for her murder, after her body surfaced and an autopsy showed she had been strangled. The FBI was not able to build a case against him, but California did. He has been in a California prison since 2013 awaiting trial. He is also charged with trying to pay a hit man to kill another wife who testified against him in this current case.

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