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Scott Michael Tomaszewski
Mother's Day Murder Fugitive Arrested

Princess Cruises Coral Princess May 15, 2015

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Scott Michael Tomaszewski
Mother's Day Murder Fugitive Arrested

Princess Cruises Coral Princess May 15, 2015

Around 0800 hours on Saturday, May 16, 2015, Scott MichaelTomaszewski, 31, Rockville, Maryland, was arrested aboard Princess Cruises' Coral Princess when the cruise ship docked in Juneau, Alaska. Tomaszewski was wanted in connection with the double murder of an elderly Rockville, Maryland couple, the previous Sunday, on Mother's Day.

Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger said that when Tomaszewski was questioned, he unemotionally admitted to the murder of the couple. Police said in his confession he’d admitted to having broken into the home to steal from it.

Tomaszewski was on a planned cruise with his parents, who he lived with, which embarked in Vancouver, British Columbia on Wednesday, May 13 for an Alaskan cruise. Tomaszewski had flown across country with his parents in preparation for the vacation.

Three police officers from Maryland, police officers from Alaska and the U.S. Coast Guard all took part in the arrest.

Police say when Tomaszewski was arrested, blood-soaked cash was found in Tomaszewski’s wallet. Tomaszewski is being held at the Lemon Creek Correctional Center in Juneau, Alaska on two counts of first degree murder. Tomaszewsk is being held without bail on a charge as a fugitive from justice.

Richard 'Dick' Vilardo, 65, a hotel developer and Julianne 'Jody' Vilardo, 67, a retired accountant from Rockville, Maryland, were found dead as a result of stab wounds at their home when their children became alarmed in the afternoon, due to their missed appointment to celebrate Mother's Day. The couple were found dead with what appeared injuries sustained during blunt an altercation. The autopsy On the couple confirmed they were stabbed to death.

Maryland police say, Tomaszewski cut through a window screen, entered the Vilardo's home where they were stabbed during the robbery.

Police say early in the Mother's Day murder investigation, they learned Tomaszewski lived on the same street as the Vilardos and was known to the couple. In 1998, Tomaszewski who had been a teenage neighbor, was house sitting for the couple when an apparent robbery had taken place in their home.

Police searched local pawn shops registries for buys made from Tomaszewski, learning he had pawned some items recently reported in a burglary at a home a few houses away from the owned by the Vilardos and a high school class ring which may have belonged to Mr. Vilardo.

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