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Bermuda Crime Spree
Tourists Targeted For Violent Robberies

Crime Against Tourists In St. Georges July 4, 2006

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Bermuda Crime Spree
Tourists Targeted For Violent Robberies

Crime Against Tourists In St. Georges July 4, 2006

The U.S. State Dept has issued an increased crime warning on Bermuda.

CRIME: Bermuda has a moderate but growing crime rate. Examples of common crimes include theft of unattended baggage and items from rental motorbikes, purse snatchings (often perpetrated against pedestrians by thieves riding motorbikes), muggings, and thefts from hotel rooms. Valuables left in hotel rooms (occupied and unoccupied) or left unattended in public areas are vulnerable to theft. The Consulate regularly receives reports of thefts of money, valuables, and passports and advises that travelers keep their hotel windows and doors locked at all times. Criminals often target transportation systems and popular tourist attractions.

Americans arriving in Bermuda for the Fourth Of July holiday were met by criminals eager to rob them of handbags, cash, cameras and cell phones.
1. A couple were robbed of $200 cash in their hotel room. "He searched their bags, removing a red leather wallet containing US$200 in cash and personal items."
2. A woman was drug down the street as a purse snatching motorcyclist who swooped past the pedestrian and snatched her handbag. The Pitts Bay Road bag snatching took place at 9.40 p.m. as two tourists walked down the street. rode alongside them on a black motorcycle and grabbed one of their handbags. "The suspect dragged the female visitor a short distance before she let go of the handbag. Her black leather bag contained a Samsung cellular phone, a Pentax digital camera and personal items."
3. Another visiting couple were robbed on South Shore Road, Warwick, near the junction with Dunscombe Road at around 9.30 p.m. The victims were walking when a man rode a silver livery cycle alongside them. The handbag snatcher grabbed a blue and white beach bag containing a grey Olympus camera, $10 cash and personal items off the female visitor’s shoulder.

In addition, Police said there has been a spate of burglaries and urged residents to make sure all windows and doors at their homes were locked before leaving the premises unattended.

Bermuda has seen an increase in crimes in recent months, with many of the crimes drug related. Assaults and robberies are becoming common place on street in Bermuda. Mayor of Hamilton Jay Bluck has met with Premier Alex Scott to discuss his concerns about policing. Mr. Bluck believes there are not enough officers on patrol in the city, and has made repeated calls for this to be addressed.

Another problem being seen is racial discrimination. This is something tourists should be aware of, before booking a cruise with a port of calls in Bermuda.

  • During this same period a man was robbed of his gold chain and beaten by four men outside a popular nightclub, the Captain's Lounge.
  • Two Pembroke teens were robbed of a necklace with a pendant and contents of a wallet on Sunday evening. The 16-year-old boys were riding east on Harrington Sound Road in Hamilton Parish when their motorbike broke down.
  • A savage attack on a Portugal football fan outside a busy Front Street bar, which was considered racialy motivated.
  • Government has launched an inquiry into claims of racism against black doctors at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, the Premier told MPs last night. Premier Alex Scott said that the Ministry of Home Affairs was being assisted with the investigation by the Island’s Ombudsman. His announcement came a week after Shadow Home Affairs Minister Maxwell Burgess called for a commission to investigate the allegations.

  • A reminder of the 1996 case of Rebecca Middleton, age 17, who was raped, tortured, sodomized, and murdered by stabbing, 35 times. Her attackers, went free, claiming the sex was consensual, and they did not torture or murder her.

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