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Norwegian Breakaway Passenger Misses Boat
Cruise Ship Passenger Left at Bahamas Dock

Mother of Two Kids Misses Cruise Ship Departing Foreign Port - April 21, 2016

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Norwegian Breakaway Passenger Misses Boat
Cruise Ship Passenger Left at Bahamas Dock

Mother of Two Kids Misses Cruise Ship Departing Foreign Port - April 21, 2016

Norwegian Breakaway Passenger Left at Dock

Unbelievable But True

Norwegian Breakaway leaves mother at dock in Nassau, Bahamas on Thursday, April 21, 2016. With her children still on the cruise ship, the woman, caught on video, arrived to the dock as Norwegian Breakaway was leaving the pier.

The mother, had gone into port at Nassau. When she didn't return the ship on time, ship ship waited an extra 30 minutes for the woman to return. The father left the ship with with travel documents to look for her. The children stayed on the ship with another relative aboard. Finally, Norwegian Breakaway left port with the couple arriving on the dock just as the ship was departing. on the dock as the cruise ship pulled away from the pier.

The video was filmed by fellow cruise ship passenger Scott Thomas, who says in the video, “You see that right there? That is someone that has missed the boat and apparently she has her kids on the boat and she’s not on there. That right there is not cool.” Thomas follows the narration with, “She was yelling, My kids are on there.”

Fellow cruise ship passenger Brady Forbes was on the ship when the incident took place. He says, "the dad was on the boat and the mom had not come on yet. So the ship told the dad to go find her before the ship left. Unfortunately they couldn't find the mom until the ship left. The kids and the mom and dad got back safely to New York. I know this bc we talked to the kids in the elevator of the ship."

The cruise ship had left New York City the prior Sunday, then called at Port Canaveral, Florida, Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas and Nassau, Bahamas before three days at sea as it returned to the Manhattan, New York cruise pier.

With the next stop after three days at sea returning back to New York, there was no chance the woman could join the ship at the next port. Norwegian Breakaway embarked from New York on Sunday, April 17 for a 7-day Bahamas cruise. The ship offers free unlimited beverages, free wifi, free specialty dining and FREE SHORE EXCURSIONS.

If the woman had been on a Norwegian Breakaway free excursion, the ship would have waited for the passengers on the excursion to return to King's Wharf before departing. While it seems unbelievable that a passenger would miss the ship in a foreign port with her kids aboard, the problem of missing the ship happens all too frequently, as seen in the video playlist above. Track Norwegian Breakaway on our Live Cruise Ship Tracker

This was the first case this week of a couple missing the cruise ship at the dock. Another case played out in Jamaica, after and couple from San Diego were reported missing after they missed Oasis of the Sea disembarking from Falmouth, Jamaica. Click the video above at the top left of the video window to see other cases in our cruise Passengers Left At Dock Youtube playlist. March 26, 2016, Susan Angela Brown, 65, was pulled from the ocean after more than four hours swimming toward the cruise ship Marco Polo, when she thought she had missed the ship and her husband was aboard in Maderia, Portugal.

In 2015, three passengers from Oasis of the Seas were filmed running into the terminal in Falmouth, Jamaica trying to catch the ship before it left the dock.

In 2014, two Carnival Breeze passengers were left at the dock in Oranjestad, Aruba. The ship waited 25 minutes for them. The ship was a foot away from the dock when they showed up.

In 2011, Alcohol was involved when a cruise ship passenger from Carnival Victory was filmed in St. Thomas on the dock, having difficulty getting himself to the ship on time.

On April 29, 2011, Carnival Glory cruise ship passengers were left on the dock in Grand Turk, missing the ship by just a few minutes. It's a well-known fact that cruise ship passengers are suppose to be back on the cruise ships at least one hour before the ship is schedule to leave port.You can see more of our Youtube playlists here

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