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Mark O'Keefe Evicted On Cruise
P&O Cruises Pacific Eden Passenger

Passenger Evicted For Flicking Cigarette Overboard June 6, 2016

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Mark O'Keefe Evicted On Cruise
P&O Cruises Pacific Eden Passenger

Passenger Evicted For Flicking Cigarette Overboard June 6, 2016

On June 6, 2016, Mark O'Keefe, 57, and wife Debra from Perth Australia boarded a ten-day cruise from Freemantle to Bali aboard the P&O Cruises' Pacific Eden, During the cruise, while in Bali, the couple were told they were being removed from the cruise ship for violation of a cruise ship policy.

Pacific Eden, formerly Holland America Line's Statendam, was built in 1993 and was transferred to P&O Cruises Australia in 2015 after being given an extensive refit. She departed the Perth suburb of Fremantle, Australia on her maiden cruise on November 15, 2015.

After Mark O'Keefe's violation, the O'Keefe's daughter Courtney O'Keefe made a social media complaint against the cruise line outlining the alleged mistreatment her father received when he left the cruise ship. Mark O'Keefe violated the policy, but low on funds, his wife stayed aboard for the balance of the cruise.

Mark O'Keefe was evicted from Pacific Eden for flicking a cigarette overboard, as witnessed by security aboard the cruise ship.

Since they did not have enough money for both Mark and Debra to fly home, Debra stayed on the cruise ship and Mark was evicted to an island and then flown to Denpasar, Bali where he had to find his own way home.

A spokesman for P&O said, "A lighted cigarette can be drawn into the ship posing a serious risk to the ship and the safety of passengers and crew."

Courtney O'Keefe later reviewed P&O Cruises on Facebook giving the one star out of five possible, ranting in the wee hours of the morning about her father being removed from the ship.

The Facebook review said, in part, "Courtney O'Keefe reviewed P&O Pacific Eden, June 16 at 1:21am - "To p&o.... What an absolute JOKE your company is!!!! . . . A 60 YEAR OLD MAN.. Who hasn't gone more than a few days without my mum in 35 years she handles all his medication.. And my mother hasn't left her room since Sunday!!!!! P&O your a JOKE and I will not stop until justice pro-vales I'm FURIOUS!!!!!!"

While Mark O'Keefe's situation was an unfortunate and costly mistake, he brought it on himself and whether his daughter thinks so or not, it WAS justice to evict him from the cruise ship. We can be thankful one stupid mistake did not risk the lives of others, this time.

On October 13, 2006 Princess Cruises Star Princess caught fire resulting in significant damage to the cruise ship, many injuries and one passenger dead. There were 70 cabins which had some fire damage, others had water damage from extinguishing the fire.

Star Princess was registered in Bermuda and the Bermuda goverment Marine Accident Investigation Board (MAIB) did the investigation. It was determined that a passenger cigarette caused the fire.

The MAIB report documented, "During the course of this investigation, the MAIB was made aware of six fires on the balconies of cruise ships during which either plastic chairs or beach towels had caught alight. A cigarette end started one fire; the cause of the remaining five was not known. Following the fire on board Star Princess, one passenger reported that during the voyage, a discarded cigarette end had landed on one of the plastic chairs on his balcony, and had left a burn mark. Several other passengers reported that discarded cigarette ends had also landed on their balconies."

It would be negligent for P & O Cruises to leave this cigarette-tossing passenger aboard. He knew the rules and broke them, having a total disregard for the other passengers and crew aboard. Just because a cigarette has been butted out, doesn't mean it's not a fire risk, especially when the person who butted it out is in hurry to resume their activities.

After looking at the photos on this page from a cruise ship fire which began from a lit cigarette, the Facebook post from his daughter makes the entire family look dishonorable. As the captain said to her father, "you showed no remorse"; she also showed no remorse, for her father's actions.


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