Date: September 30, 2006 (first alleged event date)
Cruise Bruise: Abusive Sexual Contact
Bruise Location: Mexico
Age: 58
Home Town: Monument, Colorado
Cruise Line: Princess Cruise Lines
Ship: Diamond Princess
Attorney: James Epstein

Rod Bernsen was on a one week Mexico cruise that left on September 30, 2006 from the port of Los Angeles with this wife and sister.

He was charged in connection with several alleged encounters between him and two 12-year-old boys in a cruise ship spa, authorities said. FBI agent Julie Viana filed the complaint after being contacted by Princess Cruise Lines on October 1, 2006 after alleged incidents that ocurred in the Lotus Spa.

The boys were on a cruise with approximately 35 family members, as they do about every two years. Two years prior, John Doe #2's father had taken both John Doe #1 and #2 to the spa, and the boys enjoyed it. On Setember 30 the two boys returned to the spa, by themselves, without parental supervision.

The two boys alleged that they removed their clothes, placed them in a locker, then wrapped towels around their waists and entered the steam room.

They left, took a cool down shower, then entered the sauna. When they entered the sauna there was a man in there. The man was naked, and introduced himself as "Rod".

From there, the two boys say Bernsen had minor sexual contact with them.  On June 28, 2007 a federal jury disagreed and acquitted Bernsen of all charges.

After his acquittal Bernsen said, "...more needs to be done to ensure that children do not make false allegations against adults." Bernsen said that they were lying, possibly because he had had them barred from the sauna.

Bernsen was FOX KTTV-TV's law enforcement specialist for ten years until he left the station in 2004. His broadcasting career followed service in the Los Angeles Police Department as a sergeant and LAPD spokesman.

From late 2005 until May, he filled in as a talk-radio host on KFI-AM 640.

KFI is a Clear Channel broadcasting from Burbank, California. KFI signifies "K" for all stations west of the Mississippi River, "F" for Farmers, and "I" for Information. They are considered a conservative, family values,  right wing radio station.

Bernsen is the cousin of "L.A. Law" star Corbin Bernsen. He is also the cousin of actors Collin Bernsen and Caren Bernsen.

In 1987 he served as a technical advisor on Lethal Weapon, and since is seen frequently with Lethal Weapon star Mel Gibson. Both men have homes in the Los Angeles suburb of Agoura Hills.

In 2006 he played Anchor #1 in the film The Black Hole. He is also credited in other film - see here

He also can be seen in a documentary about runaway teens titled, The Young on the Run.
Roderick "Rod" Bernsen
Cruise Ship Passenger Accused
September 30, 2006
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