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Carnival Victory Passengers Robbed
During St. Lucia Bike And Hike Excursion

April 29, 2010

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Carnival Victory Passengers Robbed
During St. Lucia Bike And Hike Excursion

April 29, 2010

Cruise ship passengers at St. Lucia - passenger excursions on the island are risky at best is what a Cruise Bruise passenger has reported to us.

Our visitor reported to us:
"... my wife and i were on a cruise out of San Juan on the carnival victory.4-25-10 to 5-2-10 great cruise until April 29 on st.Lucia when we chose a carnival shore and hike to anise la Raye water falls.we had 14 in our group and 4 were robbed. 2 men came out of the bush,faces covered,one had a machete and one had a pistol.make a long story short.made a police report at anise la ray police dept and then again on the ship.carnival had promised us that the bike and hike shore excursion would be canceled and no longer offered also carnival told us that 2 people were arrested and charged with the hold there any way you can verify this information and let me know? I'm concerned for any other unknowing passengers, thinking that it is a safe excursion..we came home and googled it and found out that it is a high crime area and that there has been several robbery's at this same water fall ..."

Fourteen passengers from the Norwegian Dawn were robbed on St. Lucia on December 9, 2010. The seven couples purchased a shore excursion to tour River Rock Waterfall at Anse La Raye, Soufriere. Andreas Westby, a member of the International Cruise Victims Association told of their experience, involving attackers with at least one gun and a knife.

On January 23, 2008, official reports state that six Norwegian Pearl cruise ship passengers, two Americans and four Canadians were on a forest trail above the Botanical Gardens when two masked men, one yielding a machete and the other a gun, robbed them of their ID, jewelry, purses and wallets.

The two tour guides were robbed and one of them, Katia Polius, 23, attempted to call for help on her cell phone. The bandits noticed and attacked her. When the masked men left, it is reported Police escorted the guests to their taxi . . . then fainted. Hours after the incident, Chastanet, Communications Minister Guy Joseph and John Broughton were meeting with the victims aboard the Pearl.

At that time, Guy Joseph told the media,"We expect the media to do responsible broadcasting on these matters so that while we give the information it is not thrown out of proportion to make St Lucia look worse than it is."

The U.S. State Department statement on St. Lucia dated October 19, 2009, says "Crime, including armed robbery is rising in St. Lucia. Violent crime is often connected to narcotics trafficking. Tourists are most often targets of lesser crimes."

Caranews reported on February 25, 2010, "Prime Minister Stephenson King says the imposition of a curfew and obtaining external assistance from friendly governments are options his government will have to consider should the crime situation get worse in St Lucia.

Since March 2010, there have been numerous reports of murders and deaths at area beaches as well as large quantity cocaine arrests. In one case, a vehicle stopped by police was found to have several, young local men inside who had over $250,000 in their possession and no good reason for having that much foreign money. None of the articles have identified tourists as the targets. Not a single case can be found involving a tourist, other than the major cocaine arrests.

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