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Assaults On Minor Children
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Cruise Ship Incidents Involving Minor Children

These are cases involoving children, including assault, attempted kidnappings, negligent accidents, ships crew babysitters abuse and neglect, passenger to minor child abuse, crew to passenger child abuse or neglect, accidents, accidental overboards and most other events where a child was involved, except sexual assualts. They are listed seperately, see links to the left.

September 1 , 2006
A 13 year old boy is brutally beaten in kid's club onboard the Carnival Cruise Lines Inspiration.
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January 5 , 2006
A 15 year old girl falls overboard on the Costa Cruise Line Costa Magica. Passengers report she was served alcohol at an onboard bar, and became intoxicated.

November 17, 2005
A child is offered marijuana onboard the Carnival Imagination, by one of 400 passengers who booked the cruise as part of a 400 member swingers club. The swingers were identified by a colored band on their wrist.  Non-swingers club members were not notified in advance that the swingers group would be onboard, and the cruise wasn't limited to adults only, with familes booking the cruise as well.  Public display of sex, by all sexual orientations was witnessed., and marijuana was smelled everywhere the mother says.

January 2 , 2002
A 3 year old boy is reportedly stalked and assaulted onboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Legend Of The Seas by a passenger.

A 9 year old boy is reportedly left onboard the Disney Big Red Boat at the onboard day care center, while the parents go ashore. When they come back, the child is missing.

July, 26, 1994
A 14-year-old New York boy traveling with his father and step-mother died aboard  a cruise ship after he became extremely drunk during an underage drinking party.

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