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Cruise Bruise®
The Cruise Ship Bruising Report
Missing People - Deaths - Murders - Overboard - Epidemics - Drug Busts - Pirate Attacks - Fires - Sinking
World Cruise Ship Tracker - World Cruise Ship Weather - World Cruise Ship Schedules
The Best Cruise Line
A computerized comparison of the top 25 cruise lines and their ships for health and safety at sea, with a focus on their customer service practices.

Cruise Ship Passenger Safety Tips
Stay safe on a cruise ship is a breeze when you follow some common sense rules of the high seas.

Cruise Ship Videos
Cruise ship passenger, crew and officer videos, along with cruise line commercials, documentaries and maritime law videos.

Cruise Ship Weather
Port real time, air temperature, water temperature, air pressure wave heights, satellite, radar, earthquakes and tsunami watches maps and alerts

Cruise Ship Port Previews
Travel Writers share their travels to Alaska, Florida, Canada, Uganda,  Thailand, England, Iceland, Egypt, Mexico and more.

Cruise Ship Terminal Information
Interactive maps, live  weather reports, crime reports, restaurants, hotels and shops near the cruise ship terminal, transportation information, excursions, tips for cruise ship terminals around the world.
Cruise Ship Weather
Live wave heights, wave height prediction for 180 hours, satellite, radar, wind speeds, all real time for Pacific, Atlantic, Caribbean and Indian Ocean

Cruise Ship Schedules
Schedules for regions including United States, Canada, Mexico, Western Europe and  Australia

Cruise Industry Stock Quotes
Cruise industry stock quotes for Carnival Corp,  Royal Caribbean Int, Prestige Cruise Holdings, Steiner International, Ambassadors International, Inc., Disney Cruise Line and Century Casinos Inc.

Passport Fees
Comparison chart for passport fees in various nations. If you lose your passport while you are out of the country, the fees may surprise you.

Cruise Ship Book Reviews
Cruise ship book reviews, for books written by maritime lawyers, cruise ship officers, cruise ship passengers, cruise ship crew members, journalists and others, as well as fictional books covering cruise ship topics.

Cruise Line Ratings
Reports from the BBB on all major cruise lines for their compliance with customer service guidelines and complaint resolution based on Better Business Bureau good business practices.

Missing Cruise Ship Passengers and Crew
Passengers and crew believed to be alive, after they went missing from a cruise ship, passengers are missing after going overboard.

Cruise Ship Deaths and Murders
Passengers murdered on cruise ships, such as Karen Roston, murdered by her husband during their honeymoon, Shirley McGill beaten to death by her husband in their cabin and baby Paige Washington, smothered by her mother to keep her quiet.
World Live Cruise Ship Tracker
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Cruise Ship Fires
Passengers who died or were injured during cruise ship fires, such as the fire aboard Princess Cruises' Star Princess March 23, 2006

Cruise Ship Sinking and Grounding
Cruise ships and ferries which grounded on sandbars or reefs, or collided with another vessel or object, some with deadly results after sinking