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Cruise Bruise

The Largest and Oldest Cruise Network In The World

Cruise Awareness

Cruise Bruise Investigates
The Cruise Bruise Black and Blue Report Returns, with a wide collection of cruise industry investigations. Who Got Cruise Bruised? The cruise line? A crew member? A cruise ship passenger?

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Cruise Community Public Forum
The Cruise Bruise Public Forum is now in Beta, discuss CBI articles or offer your insites. Be one of the first to try it for a spin.

Cruise Bruise News
Our cruise industry news website, real time cruise industry news, ferry news, travel alerts, travel health alerts, cruise ship weather alerts for hurricanes, earthquakes, flood, fires, volcano eruptions, terrorism threats, Cruise Bruwse Blog posts and more.

Cruise Safety Tips
Stay safe on a cruise ship is a breeze when you follow some common sense rules of the high seas.

Cruise Ship Crime
Thefts, robberies, terrorist attacks, groups of cruise ship passengers robbed in port, cruise line theft by employees, travel agent fraud.

Cruise Ship Deaths & Murders
Over 5,000 deaths, deaths by date, Suicides, Bucket List. Baby Doe and Paige Washington murdered by their mothers. Karen Roston and Darla J Mellinger Banner murdered on their honeymoons by their husbands, Shirley McGill beaten to death by her husband.

Cruise Ship Death Memorials
Passengers who passed away at sea due to pre-exiting health issues and nautural causes, leave a legacy behind at Cruise Ship Deaths.

Missing Passengers & Crew
Passengers and crew believed to be alive, after they went missing from a cruise ship, passengers are missing after going overboard.

Cruise Ship Fires
Passengers who died or were injured during cruise ship fires, such as the fire aboard Princess Cruises' Star Princess March 23, 2006.

Cruise Ship Accidents
Cruise ships and ferries which grounded on sandbars or reefs, or collided with another vessel or object, some with deadly results after sinking.

Cruise Ship Drugs
Cruise ship passenger and crew drug arrests on cruise ships include marijuana, ganga, cocaine, liquid cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, fantasy, amphetamines and barbiturates. Drug spiking awareness.

Cruise Information

Travel Warnings
CDC Disease Outbreak News
CDC Health Cruise and Travel Alerts

UK Travel Advice
Most Recent Travel Summaries in the United Kingdom

Recent US Travel Warnings
U.S. State Dept Travel Warnings

Pirate Attack News
Most Recent Pirate Attack News
Cruise Laws
International cruise industry laws, cruise line tax laws, cruise line safety laws and regulations in countries around the world, covering maritime laws, actual court records for cruise industry lawsuits, cruise line lawsuits against other cruise industry companies.

Cruise Industry Stocks
Real time cruise & travel industry stock quotes for Carnival Corp, Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, Expedia, Trip Advisor, Allegiant Travel, Travel Zoo and Orbitz Worldwide

Passport Fees
Comparison chart for passport fees in various nations. If you lose your passport while you are out of the country, the fees may surprise you.

Cruise Line Ratings
Complaints and Reports from the BBB on all major cruise lines, their compliance records and customer service guidelines. Complaint and resolutions based on Better Business Bureau and other Free Cruise Line Consumer Complaint Resolution Resources

Cruise Ship Destinations
Over 220 cruise ship ports around the world, Alaska, Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Caribbean, Cuba, Europe, Iceland, Mexico, South America, United States and other cruise port destinations.

Mexico Destinations
Cruise ship passenger guide to port excursions for Cozumel, Mexico in the Riviera Maya includes Paamul, Mexico, Puerto Morelos, Mexico and Puerto Aventuras Mexico.

The Best Cruise Line
A comparison of the top 25 cruise lines and their ships for health and safety at sea, with a focus on their customer service practices.

Cruise Support

Cruise Ship Trackers
Tracking over 10,000 cruise and passenger ships with regional cruise ship trackers, River Cruise Ship Trackers, Passenger Cruise Ship Trackers, Ferry Trackers, Ocean Liners and Passenger Vessel Trackers. Track cruise ships sailing in popular cruising regions including, Alaska, Asia, Australia, Bahamas, California, Caribbean, Cuba, Florida, Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii, Mediterranean, North Sea, Northeast USA, Northwest Europe and Southwest Europe.

Cruise Ship Schedules
Cruise Line Schedules, Cruise Port Schedules for all regions including U.S, Canada, Mexico, Western Europe, Australia, Africa and South America.

Cruise Ship Weather
Live cruise ship weather, wave height predictions, satellite, radar, wind speeds, real time cruise ship weather for Pacific, Atlantic, Caribbean and Indian Oceans. Cruise ship storm and hurricane information and live weather reporting for cruise ships.

Cruise Ship Cameras
Webcams for all the major cruise lines AIDA, Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

Cruise Ship Virtual Tours
Virtual Tours and 360 Views of Cruise Ships, over 150 cruise ship virtual tours.

Cruise Ship Videos
The Cruise Ship Video Clips website has been completely renovated with cruise ship passenger, crew and officer videos, cruise line commercials, overboards, fights, brawls, drunken stunts, parties, over 1,000 of the best cruise ship videos shown by category

Cruise Ship Games
Free Cruise ship entertainment online video games how you run a cruise ship, docking a cruise ship, cruise excursion video games, kite surfing, parachute jumps, jet ski driving, surf flow ride, kayaking, river rafting and more.

GoFundMe Cruises
People requesting donations on Gofundme to get a free cruise for themselves or others, anniversary cruises, business cruises, birthday cruises, health reason cruises, school cruises or just because they want a free cruise.

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