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Charity Cruise, Send My Life Saver On A Cruise - Free Charity Cruise Through Gofundme

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Send My Life Saver On A Cruise

Charity Cruise, Send My Life Saver On A Cruise


Send My Life Saver On A Cruise Location: Mesa, Arizonia
Gofundme Page:
Created By: Don Pemberton
Date: August 18, 2015
Goal: $10,000
Amount Raised: $3,552
Date: October 3, 2015
Raised by: 0 people in 27 days

Gofundme Description:
This is the beginning of our 2015 Fundraising campaign in which we are trying to raise a minimum of $50,000 My name is Don and I enjoy running races. I have run over 100 marathons in the past 10 years (covering all 50 states). I have also completed a 100k trail race, a few ultras, and several triathlons to include the Florida Ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run) in 2012. I am a member of the Marathon Maniacs (#759), Half Fanatics (#2883), Double Agent (#307). I am also a member of the 50 State Club, USAT, and USATF.

On August 8th of this year, a Saturday, while out on a training ride for what was supposed to be my second Ironman race (IM Chattanooga), I had stopped at the Dunkin Donuts (don't laugh!!) to refill my water bottles. Yes, just water bottles, no donut. It was around 2pm in sunny Gilbert Arizona and the temps were somewhere around 110F and I was only 32 miles into a 90 mile planned ride.

I do not remember stopping at this store, why I stopped at this particular store, but I tell you someone was watching over me because as I walked backed to my bike I proceeded to have a major heart attack right outside the store.

Working the store that day was employee Hannah. I have not met her yet (probably did when I got the water but I don't remember that) - but I will when we are both emotionally ready. Hannah must have been such a caring and thoughtful person that she noticed some level of distress on my part and kept an eye on me - and when I went down she sprang into action.

After first calling 911, this courageous employee did what probably few people are trained and willing to do - she stepped up to the plate and performed CPR for what could have been up to 25 minutes (police report review pending). EMT's eventually arrived and it took them 5 shocks with the paddles to get my heart rhythm going again.

From there I was rushed to the nearest ER, put thru hyperthermia treatment, airlifted to Mercy Gilbert Hospital, received a single Stint in the Cath lab, spent 4 days in ICU, 2 more days in regular room, and released from the hospital.

I am quite sure that her quick action saved my life. My recovery has so far been looked upon by medical professionals as a "miracle". I shall be eternally grateful to Hannah for doing this. I do not have much money (work for the county and medical bills will be pouring in soon) - but would still like to send her on a cruise along with whichever family member(s) she would like to take along.

She deserves at least a vacation wouldn't you say?!? Surely this is worthy of a crowd funding? Come on Maniacs, Fanatics, 50 Staters, Triathletes, etc. Sign up for your next race earlier than you wanted and use the few dollars in savings to donate to this cause.

I appreciate anything you can give!!

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