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Send Bruce and Amy on Cruise Donation Request

Religious Cruise, Send Bruce and Amy on Cruise Donation Request - Free Cruises for Religious Reasons Through Gofundme

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Send Bruce and Amy on Cruise Donation Request

Religious Cruise, Send Bruce and Amy on Cruise Donation Request


Send Bruce and Amy on Cruise Donation Request

Funds for: Send Bruce and Amy on Cruise Donation Request
Location: Springfield, Ohio
Gofundme Page:
Created By: Jack Legg
Date: October 2, 2015
Goal: $3500
Amount Raised: $2030
Date: October 2, 2015
Raised by: 25 people in 12 months

Gofundme Description:

We all love Bruce and Amy Willmann. (They do not know about this web page.)
As many of you know, Bruce recently quit his full time job to focus on ministering full time at the Champion City Vineyard Church. He is in the process of raising financial support to provide for his family.

Amy works at Safe Harbor House, where she ministers to women coming out of difficult circumstances, including addiction and human trafficking. She does not have a full-time salary that is able to cover their living expenses.

In a bold act of defiance against the powers of darkness, and in pursuit of the Kingdom of God, Bruce and Amy have stepped out in faith, seeking to follow Jesus above all else.
This page is not to raise money to support them. We know that God will provide for their day to day needs. Let's do something unexpected... extravagant... audacious. This year, when income is less than tangible, when resources are scarce... let's send Bruce and Amy on a cruise.

In 2015, Bruce and Amy will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. What if we could send them on a cruise or vacation of their choosing to celebrate this occasion?

Now is a good time for us to demonstrate God's love and abundance to them. What better way to tangibly represent God's extravagant love than to send them on an extravagant vacation?

This is not just a vacation. It is not just a frivolous expenditure. This cruise is a symbol of God's provision, and an opportunity for the Willmanns to experience peace and rest in the midst of their bold faith.
Make a donation. Pass this link along. Let's try to have this raised by December 1st! Then we can present the money to them during the Advent service

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