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Cruise Ship Deaths Memorials

After Cruise Ship Death A Celebration Of Life Living Life To Fulfill Dreams While Leaving A Legacy


In December 2005, we launched the Cruise Bruise website. At the time and continuing on for the next eight years, the news was filled with every terrible incident which had taken place at sea aboard a cruise ship. People fear what they don't understand, we get that. Information is power and Cruise Bruise empowers potential cruisers with an abundance of knowledge from the thousands of cases seen in our network, before deciding to cruise.

The single intent of Cruise Bruise is, has been and always will be to gather and process facts, putting them into an order that is both easy to find and to understand. With technology, we have been able to determine where the trends within the cruise industry are important. We believe incidents at sea are not simply important to the public because there is a lawyer trying to keep the message in the public eye during a court case, or because somebody figured out how to do a press release with the core focus of getting media attention to a personal agenda.

Since 2011, we have worked hard to gather a wide range of cruise ship death causes as we seek to balance the scales, doing extensive research into the cause of death and the life of the person involved in the case, before we post the case, in order to show the real face of the cruise industry. We are the ONLY website in the world to perform such extensive research on every single case we present.

The recent case of Constance Kovach, 69, who died on her honeymoon this month aboard Jewel Of The Seas, which was submitted to us by a family member, further demonstrates the real image of the cruise industry, which is providing an opportunity for happy people to freely explore new environments, while further enriching the lives of those around them, as well as celebrating their own lives, accomplishments and life events.

While over the years family members have come to us to tell us about suicide letters left behind, people who died in their sleep peacefully at sea and those who felt the cruise industry was to blame for their elderly loved one's "untimely death", in recent months we've seen an increase in those death submission cases as a celebration of life. While mainstream media do not find an unknown 70-year-old passenger passing away during a blissful sleep at sea news worthy, we do.

There is one single important fact here. More people die at sea due to natural causes, than the combined number of those who go overboard or are murdered at sea. The big news in that statement is that nearly all those who died of natural causes were seniors who were celebrating life or those who were on a bucket list cruise after a diagnosis of a terminal illness. There are a few exceptions.

Nearly all those who went overboard, were young people who were lacking good judgement. Privately, we give those people virtual "Darwin Awards". It was a given they would never celebrate a long happy life, living well and enriching the lives of those around them for decades to come. The sea is unforgiving, with few surviving a fall from the cruise ship railing while posing for a photograph, or falling overboard while jumping from one balcony to another. Survival does happen, but it's rare. Not understanding, or refusing to face that fact is a tragic error of good judgement. These events are big news, but they are thankfully rare.

The really big news are those people who have lived well, enjoyed life, celebrated their lives and traveled the high seas not only enjoying the moment, but enhancing the journey for those around them. Those are people who have more than "vacation attitude" they have "life attitude" and give joy to those around them year, after year. They are the unique people in our world, a dwindling sector of society.

Cruise Ship Deaths has become a huge database of those who passed away at sea as well as those those who made contributions to the cruise industry, bringing joy into the lives of those set sail on a voyage to make memories on the high seas.

In the first six months of this year we have celebrated the lives of Princess Cruises Founder Stanley B. McDonald, 94, Jimmy Murphy, 82, co-founder of luxury river cruise ship company AmaWaterways, Wayne Heller, former Norwegian Cruise Line employee who became a Cruises Only co-founder, Glenn Allen McGehee, 69, co-founder of McGehee Cruise & Travel, Edward J. Kulig, 57, an avid cruiser who was the Post Booking Sales Supervisor for Carnival Cruise Lines and Kenneth Finnerty, 91, from New York, a former Staten Island Ferry captain who had the distinction of delivering two babies at sea during his career, later passing away at home.

There were those who enriched other's lives such as Musician Johnny Kemp, news journalist Sir David Frost, 74, Actor James Best, 88, known for his role as Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane, performer Jaquelyn Ann Kastrinelis, 24, from Groveland, Massachusetts and William Freeman, 67, who was an entertainer aboard Big M Casino cruise.

We have celebrated the lives of many other cruise ship passengers, who are not known around the world, but none the less enriched the lives of those around them such as Constance Peek Kovach, 69, from Georgia and Katherine Kennedy, 64, from Midlothian, Virginia who loved performing live.

These are the really important Cruise Ship Deaths cases, all of which demonstrate the most important message of Cruise Ship Deaths, good people die every day of the year, around the world from natural causes. Their lives had real value with a positive impact on the lives of those around them and we celebrate their lives.

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