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Carnival Breeze Burger Brawl
Cruise Ship Passengers Brawl On Carnival Breeze

Cruise Ship Brawling For Burgers in Aruba October 1, 2015

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Carnival Breeze Burger Brawl
Cruise Ship Passengers Brawl On Carnival Breeze

Cruise Ship Brawling For Burgers in Aruba October 1, 2015

The cruise lines have had their hands full lately with passengers and crew members acting badly. There has been a rash of those being arrested for cruise ship drugs, passengers and crew jumping overboard for suicide cruise ship deaths, which left the cruise ship to circle for hours. Very troubling were the cruise ship passenger acts of defiance with mutiny after ports were missed due to storm deviation. Then, there is the group, violent cruise ship crimes, with a repeat of Carnival Cruise Line passengers acting poorly, as they participated in passenger brawls aboard.

On Thursday October 1, 2015 our Carnival Cruise Line Schedule shows Carnival Breeze cruise ship passengers aboard an eight-day Southern Caribbean Cruise which included Aruba, had embarked the cruise ship at port for the return trip to Miami, Florida when a brawl broke out in the area of Guy's Burgers, leading us to the headline, Brawling For Burgers.

The video of the brawl is posted to our Cruise Ship Video Clips website and is featured as the first video (as of October 17, 2015) in our Cruise Ship Fights Brawls. Unfortunatley, fist fights and group brawls are not uncommon among cruise ship passengers and crew members, as the video playlist painfully shows.

Carnival Breeze left Miami, Florida on Saturday, September 26 for an eight day Southern Caribbean cruise. Carnival Breeze called at Grand Turk, La Romana, Dominican Republic, Curacao before calling at Aruba for a port visit from 0800 hours to 1600 hours, for the cruise ship's last port call before returning to Miami.

With two days at sea between Aruba and Miami, passengers had more than enough time to fill their bellies before disembarking at Miami on Sunday October 4. The video shows how dire the need for food was , as passengers lined up at Guy's Burger Joint, while they waited for the all-you-can-eat buffet to open after the cruise ship was at sea again. Sadly, it's not the first time a brawl has taken place in a cruise ship restaurant, as our Cruise Ship Fights Brawls playlist shows.

Unlike the brawling passengers aboard Carnival Dream, these passengers did not get disembarked at Aruba for their poor behavior. It's a good thing. Those 8-day Caribbean cruises are not cheap. Prices for the cruise begin at $869 per person and rise to over $2000 for a suite, plus taxes and port fees. To get disembarked in Aruba, would have cost each passenger additional expenses of several thousand dollars while they waited on Aruba, including the one way ticket flight home, booked on short notice. We might have seen a new GofundMe cruise disaster donation request popping up, as passenger got stranded in the Caribbean.

The Carnival Dream brawl on August 12, 2010 resulted in two particular groups of young New Yorkers from Brooklyn and Staten Island being evicted from the cruise ship. A photograph taken of the evicted group standing on the dock waiting for transportation to the airport shows at least 18 people standing with their luggage waiting for the tram to take them to their ride to the airport in Cancun, hours away. The photograph was taken by a travel agent who was aboard the ship. He calls the group "thugs" in a forum post.

In some of these fighting and brawling case drugs and/or alcohol were involved. A few scrapes and bruises is the end result in this case. There are however, those who have died as a result of cruise ship drugs or alcohol, as the category on Cruise Ship Deaths demonstrates and the Cruise Ship Suicides category suggests for some.

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