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St. Lucia Tourist Robberies Continue
Local Media Squelching Tourist Attacks

August 9, 2010

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St. Lucia Tourist Robberies Continue
Local Media Squelching Tourist Attacks

August 9, 2010

As I followed up on a report to us by a Cruise Bruise visitor that a Carnival Victory excursion party was robbed at St. Lucia on April 29, 2010 though the local print media had not reported the incident, even after a police report was filed, we were able to confirm that a robbery did take place at the falls, but it was suppressed in the media. I also discovered some other troubling facts.
After Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) pulled out of St. Lucia this year, after three different incidents involving robbery of their guests while on shore excursions, I decided to see if Carnival Victory was still calling at St. Lucia. I discovered not only are they calling there, but once hurricane season is pretty much over in October, a dozens ships from numerous lines will call at St. Lucia. Only NCL has left the island for other ports.
A search of local media reports came up empty for any crimes involving tourists. It would seem that St. Lucia was doing heavy damage control and suppressing the news of crimes against tourist. Or could it be that suddenly those crimes had stopped? It was time to dig deeper.
On May 15, 2010 there is a Trip Advisor review of the island indicating another robbery at the same Anse La Raye waterfall other robberies of tourist groups has taken place.
"Robbed at gunpoint - St. Lucia said this has never happened" "We were robbed at gunpoint at this waterfall, much like the incident that happened in December, except this time the crooks were too slow or stupid to get there while we were in the water. This is a perfect setup for a robbery, and St. Lucia did NOTHING about it other than say how sorry they were."
That robbery was also suppressed. There are no references to it at all. Prior to that robbery there is this warning.

September 11, 2009 - "My wife and I just recently visited Le Gallerie. It was beautiful. If you choose to stay here I recommend staying with a big group and keeping tabs on all of your valuables. The two only air conditioned rooms did not have safes in them, We were robbed."
Around the same time period there is this report:
Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort - We visited this resort August 15-22, 2009. On our sixth night in the resort a family was robbed in their villa, #401. The perpetrators were armed with machetes which they held to the neck of an 11 year old boy in order to scare the Father whose initial reaction was to defend his family. Each family member was gagged and bound and placed in bathrooms... Once this story was out in the open we learned that there had been a similar robbery two weeks before. In this case a couple was held at gunpoint and tied to their beds.

I came upon twenty-two reviews for Gateway Villas in St. Lucia, a "locked, gated community". All the robbery reports took place since the attacks at the waterfalls. Of the twenty-two, seven were 'terrible' and one was 'poor'. Comments on the vacation property were as follows:

  • August 7, 2010 - Worst Vacation spot in St. Lucia: I had a horrible experience at this villa and the other villa my family stayed in. Besides the fact that both of our villas was robbed in back to back days.
  • August 4, 2010 - NEVER AGAIN !!! ...took a trip to the local town for a festival call the "JUMP OFF." When we returned to the first villa we discovered it had been burglarized, my family lost a lot of property and money, but ironically nothing from the villas itself was stolen. We called the police ( WASTE OF TIME) they did nothing. So the next day was the wedding and it was beautiful, and when it was over we returned to our villa and we opened the door and there was someone walking around with a mask on.
  • August 4, 2010 - TERRIBLE!!!!!": while staying at Gateway Villas with my family we were victims of a burglary.
  • August 3, 2010 - Careless: While staying at the Gateway Villa, my family and I were victims of burglary are first two nights there

  • The common thread in these robberies were the fact that the hotel or cruise line denied or at least was unwilling to admit the robberies took place, the police refused to take a police report or told the victims they were liars and each tourist lost a great deal of valuables.

    When the police refuse to take a report, it in effects washes away the crime. It never happened. If there is no report, crime statistic plummet and the island can say that is safe for tourists because the island has cleaned up crime. Tourists are warned that St. Lucia tourists have been the targets of violent crime for many years, and continue to be victimized.

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