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Susan Angela Brown
Marco Polo Cruise Ship Passenger Rescued By Fishermen

After Jumping Into Sea at Maderia, Portugal March 26, 2016

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Susan Angela Brown
Marco Polo Cruise Ship Passenger Rescued By Fishermen

After Jumping Into Sea at Maderia, Portugal March 26, 2016

Susan Angela Brown


Unbelievable But True

Susan Angela Brown, 65, from the United Kingdom was cruising with her husband aboard Cruise & maritime Voyages' Marco Polo on Saturday, March 26, 2016 when she had an argument with her husband while the couple were in the port of Maderia, Portugal.

Mrs Brown and her husband had been on the Marco Polo cruise ship for 32 day voyage with only four days left before they decided to leave it in Madeira and fly back to the UK on Saturday. After an argument at the airport Brown said that she lost sight of her husband and thought he had gone back to the cruise ship instead of flying home. She says that she saw the cruise ship off shore and jumped into the ocean in an attempt to swim to the Marco Polo.

At the time, the Maderia, Portugal weather was 60 °F.

The cruise ship had left Funchal Port at 8pm on Saturday night but Mrs Brown was not recovered from the water until 12.20am on Sunday morning. Brown was clinging to a handbag off the coast when fishermen heard her shouting for help and pulled her aboard their vessel. She was suffering from hypothermia when she recovered and was transported to a Funchal, Portugal hospital intensive care unit in an ambulance.

Brothers Leonardo and Carlos Correia and another fisherman, Marildo Freitas, claimed that they were the ones who had rescued Mrs Brown and said she was just half an hour from death when they pulled her from the ice-cold depths. Marildo said: “I just saw her pale white face bobbing in the water. She was barely conscious – she's lucky to be alive – I don't think she would have lasted another 30 minutes.At first we thought she had fallen from the cruise ship. She just said ‘thank god, oh thank god’ when we found her – she was so cold she could hardly say anything, we just wrapped her up and phoned for help.”

She has since recovered from the ordeal. Her husband was expected to travel to Funchal to be with his wife. Funchal-based maritime police commander Felix Marques said: “We have confirmation he flew back to Britain on Saturday but are still trying to speak to him to see if he can clarify some of the events leading up to the incident involving his wife.

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