Dianne Brimble - Sexually Assaulted  On Australian Cruise - P & O Pacific Sky
The Victim - Justice Denied - Dianne Brimble, 42, from Brisbane, Australia, a  mother of three.  Family said before the P & O Cruises' Pacific Sky cruise, she began having nightmares about it. She was taking the 10 day cruise to Port Vila, the cruise of a lifetime. She saved for two years for it and visits to Noumea and Vanuatu. She'd gone on the cruise with her 12-year-old daughter, sister Alma Wood and niece Kari Ann Wood, and two families she was friends with. Family and friends described her as a very moral person.  Night 1, Mrs Brimble had a few rum and cokes with friends and headed to the ship's disco to dance.  She was last seen by staff leaving the club with a number of men, Mark Robin Wilhelm, Dragan Losic, Letterio ( LEO ) Silvestri and Petar Pantic were among the group.

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Cruise Ship Drug Overdose
Dianne Brimble - Drug Overdose - Death
P & O Pacific Sky - September 23, 2002
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