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Mal de Debarquement Syndrome

Awareness Video Released May 28, 2010

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MdDS Mal de Debarquement Syndrome

Awareness Video Released May 28, 2010

The MdDS Foundation contacted us with the release of their latest public awareness video, as seen below. What is MdDS? To the left you will see a category listing labeled Mal de Debarquement that outlines numerous cases of MdDS.

Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS) is a disorder most common to middle age women, that can affect women and men of any age. The most common cause of MdDS are cruises, though some have suffered after airline flights.

It is a very difficult disorder to diagnose and because of that Cruise Bruise decided some time back to get out the message to passengers and crew alike what the cause and symptoms are, so that perhaps some who are suffering without a diagnosis or treatment might finally discover why their life has been turned upside down.

The cases in our MdDS section draw a picture of how MdDS affects those who live daily with the symptoms. Educational videos and other information is available at the MdDS Foundation in the United Kingdom.

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