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Cruise Ship Safety Tips

If a cruise vacation is not safe, it is not fun. Cheap cruise deals and prices on cruises make them a popular vacation choice for everyone.  Once on board you are sharing experiences and physical restrictions with thousands of people from all walks of life.  You are all ship mates that reflect every cross section of society, experiencing shoulder to shoulder contact with each of societies best and worst.  You or your family will frequently share personal space like common dining areas and enclosed neighborhood types of direct contact with them all.

Once I heard cruise ships are much safer than any upscale shopping mall.  I think that seems fairly accurate, people with unreal expectations of shopping mall employees when they dropped their children off for a day at the mall. Some would wander around the mall alone unaware of their surroundings. Most people now realize malls are not the safest choice for alternative babysitting will continue to associate a cruise with the same drop and forget mentality.  Even those without children often discard personal responsibilities and safety as they board the ship.  Assuming the cruise line will do their very best to ensure their comfort and safety without a care for their own responsibilities.  To some minor degree that is also true the cruise line will do their best, security and safety is a very critical concern they have for all those on board, it is practical and critical to their future success.  Many of todays cruise line employees are hired or trained using standards of employment similar to government employees and military personnel.  As we have witnessed many times if you properly handle your personal responsibilities, cruise ship employees treat you better.  If responsibilities are properly distributed they can focus on their own role in your experience.

A cruise ship is a form of public transportation directly attached to fantasy. Fantasies of some ship mates or locals at cruise ship ports can be criminal in nature when a situation is presented to them.  With every form of public transportation you or your family may have direct exposure to sexual offenders, thieves, drug dealers, drug addicts, alcoholics, spouse abusers, child abusers, con men and women and everything from organized crime members to petty career criminals. Just because someone has a passport does not ensure they are more than a criminal with a cruise ticket. Remember that.

Never post real names for you, your family or your friends. Do not post photographs or other personal information. Always understand open forums and social media where photos, ages, general residence location, past or scheduled cruises bookings can be collected and used by criminals.  Please do not brag to the world what you did or will be doing when you or your home is vulnerable and unprotected.  Persons who would stalk you, your spouse, your children or intend harm on one of you can use this information.

There is more security in numbers, you should not cruise alone. Never cruise with those you will need to find solitude from or the desire to amuse yourself frequently somewhere else.  Never wander alone aimlessly around the ship or ashore alone. Avoid the beach after dark and never walk it alone, especially in a foreign country. Never cruise with someone you do not know well or is sure to bore you. Never cruise with one who is abusive or has threatened you, your family or your friends in the past. Never take a cruise to repair a marriage or relationship in distress. Never socialize with locals you do not know, follow them or allow them to take you anywhere for any reason.

Never wear expensive jewelry or flaunt your wealth. Keep valuables at home or in the ship safety deposit box. Never count or display or flash your money in public.
Never discuss personal finances, widely open a handbag or wallet when others can see the contents. Divide your assets among front pockets and people in your party in private. Never play high stakes games in a casino. Big winners are targets. Big losers get depressed. Never open bar and restaurant tabs for yourself or others in a boastful way Never view personal papers, data on phones, pads and laptops where others can see. Never socialize with the hired help. Do not share personal information or discuss personal things you intend them to overhear or follow them unofficially. This is forbidden by ALL cruise lines for their safety and for yours. Be aware of your use of public restrooms and facilities, when possible use your private cabin.  For your health and personal security, Norovirus is introduced most by people who did not have sanitary practices then transmitted by unsanitary practices. Avoid buffets, never eat from buffets without shielding. Buffets are one of the highest transmission areas for Norovirus.

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